I Made A Game Where Players Can Change The Rules


  1. I wonder whether you know the "Nomic" game. In which people also can change the rules. There are also rules that cannot be changed, but the rule that states which rules cannot be changed can in fact be changed. Whoever introduces a contradiction in the rules without anybody else immediately noticing will instantly win the game once the contradiction is discovered.

  2. Rule: I always win, no matter what.
    Game over, I won

  3. "I'd like to change the rules. 'Players can no longer change the rules'"

  4. Kudos to you guys for not trying to inconvenience one friend as much as possible and instead playing without bias

  5. Am i the only one who thought this was gonna be a full on video gae :C

  6. 21:58 I am happy.

    Although it probably would've been more wholesome if they fought the demon together, it was literally beaten in a fist fight 💀
    Either way, at least the three's got themselves a happy ending

  7. "The unicorn gives 2 flaminogos"
    Why did this make me laugh-

  8. I’d just make the rule where I immediately win.

  9. I expected that every player will shout until the game ends, but this game was so much fun!

  10. That one person has more power is not funny. It got boring when introducing that. He can change the game however. He want on his turn

  11. This is a beautiful combination of improv, DMing, and intellectual sparring. I love it!

  12. For those especially interested in fundamentally what they are doing here, look up the game Nomic.

    It is the original concept of what they are doing here, although there has been a lot of variation on it since then as by its very nature it is easy to do so. I couldn't see anyone mention it in all my scrolling through the comments, so I though I would help out.

  13. Subbing to this channel was an easy choice… It really feels like OG YouTube watching guys ❤ just keep having fun and your channel is going to skyrocket

  14. Love the change from versus to everyone teaming up to fight the demon, that little game plan behind the slime with the sword swapping was priceless

  15. My first turn:

    Touching the flamingo space makes you lose.

  16. Well if the demon can’t go on the flamingo space what happens if they make the space the demon is on the flamingo space?

  17. I would just say don’t let them make rules anymore when it’s my turn

  18. Me and my friends did something like this in a (not so) weekly game night but using uno cards, we called it interpreted uno, pretty much, you can add a rule to any card that doesn’t have one already, one card was if you put down a +2 card, you have to point to a window and say “fish fish, fish fish”

    One of the people invited, came an hour early and we started the idea by looking for games to play, I found a chess board, and we played chess, except we made up rules because neither of us knew how to play, it was also a checkers board, so we included the checkers pieces as ‘landmines’
    I forget most of the rules sadly 🙁

  19. I would love to know what Noah was talking about when he said that one of them could've won that turn if he remembered the rules

  20. Plot twist: The demon turned into a demon to get revenge for the players killing the first unicorn

  21. this is just a bunch of those kids who have armour to everything and they grew up and are playing this

  22. games in elementary school be like:

  23. The demon didn’t take the unicorns in the first time it moved

  24. This reminds me of calvinball in calvin and hobbes

  25. I was waiting for someone to make a gold rule or something.

  26. I would make it so that you can move diagonal

  27. If I was playing a game like that, then I would have just changed the amount of spaces every single turn.

  28. 16:42 im curious what woulkd have got him the win now lol, maybe moving the slime onto the demon?

  29. All it takes is for a player to rule "whenever a rule is added, players must vote on it before it can be implemented" and you're on your way to a full Nomic sociopolitic microgovernment.simulation.

  30. oh uhh, dont mind my buisness of dupping 50 creatures on 1 spot.

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