How Vishy Anand LOST in 6 MOVES! #shorts

It can happen to the Best! 😳

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Who thought that when he say lost, he got checkmated?

  2. although he lost the game, he won many girl’s hearts

  3. I analysed vishys face more than I analyse my games

  4. If you want to figure out why Vishy can’t play queen e3 is because of knight c7 check forking the king and queen

  5. Great to see Vishi at his 18. Even this happened to me .but I continued the game 😂 as if noting

  6. The difference is it’ll happen to Vishy like once every 1000 games? Me it happens like a third of mine 😂

  7. So does losing a piece at the grandmaster level equal losing?

  8. He should have just played with piece down and wait for opponent to make mistake

  9. And that is exactly why you don't play the Petrov

  10. If that happens in 1000 elo, you know… all hope's not lost
    You can still come out as the winner in the end😂

  11. Not gonna lie, 18 year old Vishy has some serious drip

  12. Hold on, where's the 'sacrificed the knight' comment?

  13. Mein to 3 bullet game mein continue checkmate hone ke baad depression mein chla jata hu

  14. the most impressive thing is 18yrs old gm and his lost was like a big impact but when he wins its just another achievement like magnus carlsen

  15. That game was a draw, because it was fixed, they both agreed on a draw before the game. I am sure Sagar you are aware of this.

  16. That's why opening is the most important phase. Good learners learn from mistakes. Thank you for sharing Anand sir's game ! Happy weekend ! Take care.. 👋☺️

  17. and today magnus lost to Hikaru by blundering again

  18. No way it was Vishy's game, I'm 1998 rated (bullet) and he was 2700+ rated Grandmaster but I know what was going to happen after that bishop move, isn't that pretty common that when pieces are pinned, pawn threats are extremely dangerous

    Maybe he was sick that day or it was not his gameplay

  19. "Every master was once a beginner. And every pro began as an amateur. So start now. And stay patient."
    ~Robin Sharma

  20. Who plays the petrov btw.

    There are so many good openings to play

  21. Tell zapata to play now😂
    Kaan ke niche Zapata dega Vishy sir 😅itna bekar harayega

  22. You don’t mess with The Colombian Alonso Zapata

  23. Sagar you need to get rid of that hair man, like seriously 😂😂

  24. ayo bro Vishy's hadsome at 18 bro dayum…

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