How To Win Chess in 2 Moves #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess in 2 moves!

This two move checkmate only works if your opponent moves their pieces in a certain way…but if they do…you’re in good shape!

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  1. Not an expert at chess or anything, but you'd have to be quite bad at this game to just randomly leave your king this exposed.

  2. How to win in 2 moves opening with white: bongcloud

  3. Part 2- how to beat a 6 year old girl at weightlifting

  4. I hope Jschlatt doesn't fall for this

  5. You are playing it wrong , the soldier pawn can move only 1 space forward pls correct yourself

  6. This is a non sequitur but those chess pieces look horrendous…

  7. I thought shit was gona be clickbait for sure

  8. This plan will work only if your opponent doesn't know how to play 🤣🤣

  9. Why does this video have so many likes???

  10. Assemble you scholarly chess players pick a comment thread and God protect your brain

  11. Great, now let me try this against 2000 rated players until one of them plays this!

  12. There’s a reason this is widely known as “fool’s mate”

  13. This will only work if your opponent wants to lose

  14. Didn't work. I lost all my money, n now filing for bankruptcy.

  15. I have the EXACT same board lol😂😂😂😂😂

  16. ## hi bro u kept kings in wrong places 😘😂😭😭😭

  17. I use the helicopter method I use my queen to knock all the other chess pieces

  18. Even if your opponent dont know how to play chess, he still wont move their pieces like that

  19. Alternate title:

    *how to win chess when your opponent doesn’t know how to play chess

  20. it works unless your playing chess fps then you have to fight to the death if the king wins welp its back to square 1

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