How To Win Chess in 2 Moves #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess in 2 moves!

This two move checkmate only works if your opponent moves their pieces in a certain way…but if they do…you’re in good shape!

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  1. There is another similiar way if you pay attention to Queen’s manouverability

  2. Ah, the Fool's Mate…the checkmate that only works on people who have never played chess

  3. How to win in 1 move first: your enemy has to forfeit

  4. fun fact this happened to me so i actually won in 2 moves

  5. Probably more suitable for beginners as they probably don't play the standard paeans to center moves

  6. me, waiting for people to play this opening:
    it's been 2 thousand centuries…

  7. This happened in
    Jsclatt vs Alexandra Botez

  8. this also works with f4 as the first move and you respond e6

  9. Who Ever Says This Vid Is Bad Your The Person Who Said Castleing Is Cheating

  10. White: moves their piece somewhere else
    Black: wait that isn’t apart of the script

  11. I already knew this move, it happened to me on one of my first games. 😂

  12. Schlatt and Alexandra Botezs game 🤣 🤣 😆

  13. the newbie: why am i here just to suffer😢

  14. No one will ever know what I commented… Except for the first reply :/

  15. My friend actually played this, and hes pretty good at chess ♟️ 😭

  16. Now I just need to find someone dumb enough to play those exact two moves

  17. i thought its going to be the bongcloud for white and resign for black

  18. I lost in three moves the other day because im a dumbass

  19. Yea but no on dose that move as white🤣🤣

  20. How tf are you supposed to expect ur opponent to open like that 💀

  21. I checkmated my younger brother like this when we were kids

  22. Im 10 years old and i have been playing chess for like 5 to 6 years and its just so amazing to find what your looking for🥲

  23. The only timed it worked was against schlatt

  24. I actually won a game in a chess competition. I literally was so confused why he played it 😂😂

  25. People under 100 elo and people doing it on purpose play this “opening”

  26. I… this happened to me when I was playing against a GM(I was white)

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