How to Win ANY Chess Game in 4 Moves!


  1. Any sensible player would attack the queen or push the pawn or develop the knight giving them a slight edge because your development is now awkward and arguably a bit behind

  2. Wait, can't the king take the queen after you move it 1 square diagonally? On the very next move? 🤔

  3. How to win ANY game of chess in four moves.
    Reality: requires your opponent to be a total dumbass or possess no chess training

    Yeah bro, that's not winning ANY chess game

  4. This is my opening every game at it ever works… maybe it’s just because everyone else knows about it and defend it every time they see it coming?

  5. 😂Why would you ever play h7 in that position😅

  6. Sorry buddy but the moves of your opponent are absolutely nonsensical

  7. OMG ! i defeated my friend who is very good at chess

  8. Bro thought our opponent will be 0 elo

  9. Useless mate trick known as scholar's mate

  10. What if my opponent knows how to play chess????

  11. Isn’t that scholar’s mate?

  12. 😅😅 why random move while inform 😅

  13. No player going to respond to those moves like that, sorry pal 😅

  14. Center your figures it really makes me mad

  15. He’s right. Practically every GM plays this opening.

  16. Bro that doesn't even work on 100 rated player I ain't gonna lie

  17. I think it's very useful now I can defeat my 2 year old brother 😤

  18. Uhhh the opponent will most likely play knight to f6 to stop the checkmate threat

  19. this is the 1st grader chess trick 😅

  20. Pov: playing with your younger siblings (10< y/o)

  21. LMAO
    i do that move everytime
    And i never watched It anywhere

  22. I hit someone who has been playing for years with 2 move mate

  23. Even if you attempt to check mate a different way related to that checkmate it will be blocked again

  24. Bro why h6 why it is literally scholar mate there are plenty move he had whyyyyy

  25. Płot twist: this never works cause it So easy to See and predict

  26. I did a video on scholars mate and only got 3.8k veiws

  27. shortest win in chess is 3-moves not 4. 1) e4 f52) d4 g53) Qh5 mate.

  28. The bishop from another plane of existince


  30. Ok i saw what you did here, this doesnt work in any way unless you have a robot like opponent or a dumb opponent.

  31. i like the fried liver attack over scholars mate

  32. This is called the wayward queen technique.

  33. my dad would castle in the first 3 moves-

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