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Hi, My name is Rebecca Texman with chess and I am gonna show you how quickly use and write down chess notation. So to start we have our white side and our black side. It is important that as a chess player you could, you write down both moves, both white and black. If you just write down your moves not gonna be so helpful, so let’s start. First move let’s say white makes is e4.

Now we don’t write pawn e4, we just write e with a lower case letter as we can see here 4. By writing e4 we know that a pawn has been moved. Now let’s say black makes a move and it goes e5. So we write e5. The next move that y makes is Knight f3, so now we need to use our capital N f3 and let’s say black goes knight c6. So Nc6. Now let’s say white brings out its bishop, bishop B5 and you notice here how I have a capital B for the bishop a lowercase b for this square and then the number for this square. Black then proceeds in place knight f6. Now I know that this knight didn’t go to f6 and that it’s this knight because it cannot go to f6, so I don’t have to worry about which knight I am moving in this case.

Now let’s say white decides to capture so we would have bishop captures x knight c6 and then black decides to capture back. So we instead of writing pawn because he has to capture back with the pawn we would write d7 captures bishop c6 and then that is shown by this. Now let’s move down a couple moves, a bunch of moves have been played and it is now black white decides to castle, so white decides to castle king side to show that we do 0-0 and now black has a choice, black can either decide to castle king side or queen side so let’s say black decides to castle queen side, again we move the king two spaces, one two and the rook to the other side and we show that by 0-0-0.

Now let’s proceed we move to bunch of moves forward and there is pieces that are taken off the board, lots of things happened and let’s say now, white is ready to bring its pawn to other side to promote to a queen. White decides to go f8 becoming a queen and it is a check, so let’s figure out how to write that we have our pawn goes back moved from f7 moves to f8 equals q4 queen and since it is a check, we put a plus sign for check. This game is far from over but these are just the quick basics on how to record your chess notation.


  1. 4th move ,you should write as 4.Bxc6,dxc6

  2. The black queen and white king is opposite in my chess

  3. If a white bishop captures a knight on c6 it would actually be written as Bxc6

  4. You should learn the notation first ,then make a video

  5. Don’t think you need to write say d7xBc6, just note it with dxc6. In the case of BxNc6, just Bxc6 will do

  6. Howcast .. how to record if a pawn capture a pawn??? Pls reply

  7. Video is too short, too fast, , not enough details on the longer codes used, You have a clock sitting right there unused & you’re not even using the clock—to show how much time would be used on the notation, & we cannot read the paper —- so not very helpful!!!!!! I think most ppl wasted 4 minutes of their lives. And, that was just my constructive criticism approach!!! I will have to do research on notation elsewhere!!!

  8. how can a single human being have such an annoying voice

  9. Wow that is complex how long does it take someone to learn this

  10. Use a whiteboard next time. Not an upside down piece of paper

  11. Do I have to write down d original position of d piece on d list too?!For every move that is..

  12. I've played chess for 26 years and today I finally looked into Notation

  13. How would you say that knight as night because in rating u Worte nf3

  14. we wrote notation that's good but what's it made for how it can help

  15. The comments have taught me more than the video has

  16. thank you for teaching me how to write in chess

  17. Does anybody knows how to notate En Passant?

  18. Is it compulsory to write notation 😅

  19. And she didn’t mention it, but to indicate checkmate, you use a hashtag (#)

  20. I couldn't see the last move because of the video which appear, can anyone tell me what did she write??

  21. What sign should we put when the opponent made a check
    Please help

  22. literally seeing chess notation for so long just for national chess

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