How To Save Your Chess Game Down Material?

How To Save Your Chess Game Down Material?

Chess is so complex that you can always find a way to save your game using some tactics like Mikhail Tal did in this game against Smyslov!

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  1. Bro I would resign faster than my dad left 💀💀

  2. Of you do brilliant move, that mean at most you get stalemate

  3. King takes rook, Queen check, King goes back, Queen check, King h2, Black loses?

  4. yo 3 brilliants just in the end game what about the rest talk about a brilliant grandmaster

  5. well here with 600 elo, we all resign once we lose our queen 😅

  6. It's very easy to find if i'm not playing

  7. Rook sac sets up perpetual check; brilliant save

  8. Yo what's the main music in the background?

  9. Couldnt he have after some checks take pawn and then bishop?

  10. The correct move for Smyslov was Q to e3 and then Q to b5. Bc of Tal everyone knows this today

  11. Why don't u take the rook at h1 and the queen will only check u once and then there is no possible checks

  12. I got into this end game and my opponent played a king move 3 times in a row

  13. Bro was like a grandmaster cant do it
    Me with 589elo : 💀💀

  14. Black king could go g8 and it would have been saved thus the draw was impossible

  15. Cant black move the pawns after rook and queen sac?

  16. If you take the rook on H1 couldn’t you then use ur queen to block all the checks

  17. Ain’t no why one of the best endgame players in my opinion blundered that

  18. White queen E5, rook g1, kh2, rh1, takes h1, queen d1, king g2, queen g4 and black Blocks so it is possible

  19. Couldn't the king run to g3 and then block with the queen?

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