How To Sacrifice Your Queen To Win Chess #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess with a clever queen sacrifice! This is known as the Légal Trap. This chess trick only works if your opponent moves their pieces in a certain way and beginner players often don’t see the checkmate coming!

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  1. I tried but my my mom played scandinavian 😐

  2. Why on move #5 does white play pawn to H3? Why not knight takes E5 right away?

  3. 👳‍♂️I’ll use my mind control powers to make them choose d6… then their azz is grass.

  4. Personally I would never ever put my bishop on H5 because then I would have almost nowhere to go with him.

  5. I did this on my friend and when I sacrificed he called me an idiot. When I checkmated him his expression changed quick

  6. Thats not a queen sacrifice. Queen sacrifice would be forcing your opponent to take your queen only to be punished for it

  7. Everyone gangsta to sacrifice your queen until the enemy's queen has made the move 🙂

  8. Ahhh yes. My opponent will EXACTLY do those moves which is 1 in ∞

  9. My opponent:plays a different move
    Me:Heck no this isn't in the script 😾🙀

  10. This is first thing andrew tate learned

  11. Do these chess “experts” know that we can’t control both sides ?😂😂😂

  12. That's not checkmate cos he can move diagonal left

  13. Opponent plays different move

    “Wait that wasn’t in the script”

  14. Yeah but why would you not sacrifice to take the knight…..

  15. Me: (plays a random opening)
    The grandmaster I'm playing against: "You played Carlsen's Norwegian Queen Defense Gambit Variation"

  16. White pawns: "My King, I have good news and bad news. We won, but we've lost the queen."

    King: "Good thing I have 100 concubines."

  17. Start with pawn to e4
    Me: okok
    Then pawn to e5
    Them: pawn d5
    Me: woah woah woah ey ey ey you weren’t supposed to do that

  18. Wait can’t the king go diagonale one square

  19. Now I gotta memorize all steps and wait for the one in a mil chance my opponent does this and the one in a 100 million that I memorize this in game

  20. POV: you try this and your opponent plays a Sicilian

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