How to play Musketeer Chess

Learn the rules to Musketeer Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular chess, except for these changes. Layout the 10 musketeer pieces and white picks one of them. Black may either accept or refuse that piece. If black refuses that piece, then the default pieces: Leopard and cannon will be used. If black accepts white’s pick, then black takes the same piece in their color then picks a second piece from the remaining options. White follows by taking black’s pick in their color. Layout the corresponding reference cards for the pieces picked to use during the game. Remove the remaining 8 sets of musketeers as they will not be used.

The board has 2 additional imaginary rows used for some temporary piece storage. Setup the board like normal then, beginning with white, players alternate placing the first musketeer white picked on an imaginary square on the row behind their rear rank pieces, then they place black’s picked piece. If the selection is the default pieces, then the cannon is placed first, followed by the leopard.

You are not allowed to place 1 musketeer behind the king and the other behind a rook. The musketeers may not share an imaginary square, nor may they move to a different imaginary space once placed. Once both musketeers are placed, the game begins like normal.

A Musketeer enter the game on the same turn when the square immediately in front of it is vacant. When that happens, move that musketeer to that square before your opponent goes. Musketeers may not be moved on the board before this happens. If the square in front of a musketeer is captured before that musketeer enters the game, then that musketeer is also captured and removed from the board. Once in play, Musketeers can be captured like normal. Pawns are allowed to promote to either musketeer used in the game. Musketeer moves can jump and/or slide. Jumping means it can pass over other pieces that are in the way, while sliding means it cannot pass through pieces. The new pieces are as follows:

The leopard combines the jumping moves of the knight and the sliding moves of the bishop but with a limited range of 2 squares.

The Cannon slides to any adjacent square, or it can jump 2 squares vertically or horizontally, or it can jump like a knight to the right or left.

The unicorn jumps like knight or jumps 3 squares in one direction then 1 square at a right angle.

The Dragon combines the jumping moves of a knight with the sliding moves of a queen.

The chancellor combines the jumping moves of a knight with the sliding moves of a rook.

The Archbishop combines the jumping moves of a knight with the sliding moves of a bishop.

The elephant slides to any adjacent square, or it can jump 2 squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The hawk jumps 2 or 3 squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The fortress slides up to 3 squares like a bishop, or it can jump like a knight forwards or backwards, or it can jump 2 squares horizontally or vertically. The tower top of the fortress is pegged so you can interchange the tops of the pieces if you want.

The spider slides up to 2 squares like a bishop, or it can jump like a knight in any direction, or it can jump 2 squares horizontally or vertically.

Check out the link in the description where you can play musketeer chess online to help you learn and practice using these new pieces.


  1. Lets imagine a situation: a rook and a bishop are threatning to capture the queen that is defending the king. The queen has any musketeer behind her. Can the queen move (or capture) in that situation because there would instantly be a muskteer in her place?

  2. Why do all of these Musketeers have Knight moves?

  3. So…I just acquired Faerie Chess and…

    What were to happen if one were to combine Faerie Chess with Musketeer Chess…and then threw in some cards from Knightmare Chess just to make things interesting?

    EDIT: Actually…I wonder what would happen if we also combine this with Sovereign Chess? (pictures the chaos of this…and it is glorious)

  4. Great videos. Would love to see sequel videos where strategy is discussed.

  5. Learn the rules to Musketeer Chess quickly and concisely.

  6. these are the future of chess. chess is a boring memorization game otherwise

  7. Ironcopper piece:

    It may slide up to 7 squares and jump 4 or 6 squares to the left, or jump 1, 3, 5 or 6 squares up, or take two knight moves in a row, or jump any number of squares down unless the piece is on a4, c7 or d1 in which it can only jump 1, 2 or 6 squares and slide 3, 4 or 7 squares, or jump 2 or 3 squares to the right. It may only capture when moving up or to the right , or by moving like a knight or when sliding exactly 5 squares to the left.

  8. Musketeer chess is like a kid thought up “improvements”


  9. There should be a new rule where the fortress and the spider have 2 lives, Moving to a vacant square in a 5×5 radius. Using the pegs depend on the lives
    Extra Rule: You can't have the Fortress and the spider in the same game because of this rule.


  10. I believe the House of Staunton put this out. Looks like it is a spin on Seriwan Chess. I recalled discussing them and called the warping onto the board move "gating".

  11. heres an interesting twist: if you choose the spider or fortress, if it is captured, it is turned, and it shows this by have the top your color, or no top at all (if no top, it is whatever the opposite color of what it is)

  12. Unicorns, the only defence against Dragons

  13. I can't even imagine what Sovereign-Musketeer 5d chess with multiversial time travel, will this finally be….. chess 2?

  14. Something tells me that the person who made this chess variant, REALLY like the knight

  15. What if white chooses the leopard or cannon, and black refuses?

  16. Earth Gamer 2022 [ACG][Anti TGK][MFA] says:

    i want all pieces pls buy it for me but
    i don't have dollars

  17. The game is fun, until your opponent choose real Musket

  18. I have an idea for this chess game once you replace the fortress pegs your fortress is controlled by the enemy opponent same with you and you may not replace a fortress peg if it gives checkmate or check

  19. Behold the spider! (Procedes to show a tower)

  20. whoever came up with this kind of missunderstood the entire chess thing (and wanted their mary sue-knights)

  21. What is this game? Just play Faery chess it's way better

  22. And this is the chess board you'd rather reduce if you were trying to play John's epic quest as a chess board

  23. Who is here JUST discovering that chess has different game modes? I cant be the only one

  24. Isnt this fairy chess but even more difficult

  25. Cards, RPS and Chess are very good and very old games, but i think Chess has out of them three the most mods

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