How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

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How to play chess properly, a guide for beginners. This guide is designed to teach you chess basics, chess openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.

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  1. Computers and bots don't cheat . People do. That's why I never play people. I'm not smart enough to realize I'm being cheated .

  2. Can anyone tell me what the piece point system is for if checkmates and stalemates decide a game. Is it just for an idea of what good trades are for captures?

  3. I'm playing chess these days with my nephews and I enjoy it, thanks for your video, it helped me.

  4. Why tf am I here? I have a test tomorrow- PLUS I DONT EVEN OWN A CHESS GAME! WHYYYYYT MUST I PROCRASTINATE!!!!

  5. I have learned chess to myself but now I want to fill in those spots I couldnt find myself. Lets head for IM

  6. Something hits diffrent when a guy explains. I had been watching girls explain and i could just not focus enough. 🤔 Thanks gothamchess.

  7. If the short little bald ones lol can move two steps up on first move can’t they just capture the queen on the next move assuming they to that move where the queen goes to the left side ?

  8. Im blind and dyslexic so how can i get better without reading?

  9. Can chess strategies be applied to picking up babes?

  10. 9:20 just for beginners sake….the Queen "CAN" take the rook but if it does black can lose their Queen because that rook is defended by the other rook therefore if the Queen takes the rook then the other rook defending can take their Queen✌️

  11. Thanks to you I actually played my first chess game at the age of 23 !! I always felt inadequate when someone tried to teach me How to play but I wouldn't get the hang of it.. thank you sirrr🥰

  12. Thanks! Those mates in 2/4 moves are crazy! Definitely gonna try them if there's ever an opportunity.

  13. Hey anybody who knows an answer to my question please don't hesitate : soo at 21:15 why can't I just do Nh6 I see it as a good defense for that too. Yes he told better solutions but is there something wrong with the solution i came up with?

  14. I am intrigued to know the reason why you do not recommend playing against a computer. Granted, there is no substitute to playing against the old Polish/Hungarian with nicotine stained fingers in the coffee shops of my youth,

  15. I have played chess casually for years but never developed any sort of strategy, I also never went looking until now haha. I thought this video was extremely informative and was exactly what I was looking for. It was just complex and challenging enough where I had to actually pay attention, but not too complex that I felt overwhelmed. Obviously I am still a beginner, but at least now I can hold my own and not look like a total fool haha. Thank you very much for the video!

  16. I just have to say this; you said you're from New York, hence Gotham, but fun fact! Gotham was actually based on Detroit

  17. en passant was described to me as such: the pawn in it's first move is a superhero, and it's got a cape. when it leaps forward its cape waves behind it. your pawn jumps on the cape, choking out the pawn, and capturing it. if you wait a turn, the cape falls to the ground, and can no longer be stepped on for this move. I was in 4th grade when i was taught this and the concept never seemed odd with that description.

  18. I can’t remember the pieces for the life of me, ima just create a rip-off chess, this is just my incompetence and not having enough patience though

  19. Bro trying to teach someone chess but doesn't know which piece the king and which piece the queen is, trash tutorial L

  20. WHY is a stale mate a draw the queen can easily just move one

  21. Loving the content. Never really been into chess, but your videos are definitely getting me into it. Sidebar…isn't Gotham City canonically in New Jersey?

  22. you are an amazing teacher my guy, thanks for the tips

  23. Well there goes 30 minutes. I'm rated 800…

  24. I remember a game i played where he had 2 queens and 4 pawns and I only had my king but I still somehow got it to stalemate lol

  25. Nice tutorial. I’m teaching my SO how to play. She plays other strategy games, so I thought this would give her a start. I’m a nominal player for over 40 years so I’m still learning new stuff all the time. I was in chess club in my teens so I’d like to revisit it now I’m retired. Thank you for this video!

  26. I always thought the “in your face checkmate” was called kiss of death when using a queen

  27. 0:00 for anyone who wants to regret their life choices and have levy stare them into limbo

  28. OH MY GOD! This video is everything I was looking for

  29. I've been beginning for 30 days annoying

  30. Don't think of the knight move as an "L". One ,two, over.
    Look at each square next to the knight in the file/rank.
    Each square IT is attached to DIAGONALLY the knight can land. You can literally see TWO moves at time. The options the knight can land fork out like lightning.
    Always remember also the knight takes turns on the color it lands on. So if your knight is on a dark square it can only land on a light square.

  31. You are exceptional instructor, and you look like daniel radcliffe haha, thanks for the tutorial.

  32. tysm very helpful video strait to the point

  33. Absolutely amazing I went from not learning their names to beating my friends for money great guy explained it very simple and slow just am awesome video and guy in general ❤❤

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