How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

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How to play chess properly, a guide for beginners. This guide is designed to teach you chess basics, chess openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.

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  1. Gotham what if you have no queen and no king Does it count as checkmate

  2. I am currently watching this video because i will be put up into a chess match against my friends during a sports festival thank you for the guide.

  3. Great video! I played a couple of games, not knowing what to do really. Your explanation of the game is simple enough to follow, yet complex enough to actually be able to do something in an actual game. I'll need to watch the rest of you vids now 🧐

  4. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Me the whole video : 😀😀😀😀😀❔❔❔❔❔

  6. Thank you. This made me better at beating ai

  7. Im not exactly new but i just never had a good strategy in chess and i enjoyed this video while i already learn stuff.Thank you have a good day.

  8. Hello, I am a begginer.. I have been taught the wrong way it seams. I have not completed watching this video just yet. I have gotten to the point where you speak about, being able to have a 3rd piece on the board, once the pawn reaches the other side. How do you gain a 3rd hourse, for example; when you already have 2 on the board? Where does the 3rd piece come from? I was taught that you just bring back whatever piece you want, from the ones that have been taken off the board already…

  9. Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man says:

    I just watched up to the "OPENINGS" cuz it was a way too much for me….as a complete beginner.

  10. "queen takes her own color" would be a wonderful way to consolidate those thirty seconds of dialogue that we had to sit through

  11. I'm a grandmaster at handing out victories to the enemy

  12. I’ve always thought chess was so hard until you just made it look so easy.

  13. i’ve solved a rubiks cube, and i’ve been in the rank 1 at school for 6 years straight. still dont know how to do chess

  14. When you're trying to do skollers mate (im white for example) why can't black just play horse to 6f

  15. one of my goals is to improve and become better at chess

  16. Awesome video. I just started playing chess on my phone and I was struggling on beginners level, however after following the tip from this video I won the game in no time.

  17. Great information.. as a beginner this all sounds very logical and a great first-steps approach.

  18. Anyone here cuz chess just blew up in school

  19. Hi what is the purpose of points if they don’t mean anything?

  20. This may be a weird take from an (800) player. But the game of chess is way more difficult than it was say 50 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, hell even today its so much more difficult. These IM and GM's are very disconnected from what "low level play" is. I play people at 800, that have MASTERED openings, middle, and end game play.

    Even at 800, I have players playing such high level chess its crazy. You cant do basic openings and just win games. These High level players dont understand it anymore. The game has evolved so much and they dont understand.

  21. I am very interested in chess, I'm curious how my classmate play it so I decided to give it a try but he says 'you need a practice first, I can teach you sometimes when I'm free' so he teaches me, now I know how to move the pieces, thank you so much GothamChess! I learned a new one! 💗

  22. This is so complicated I'll just stick with being the king of checkers

  23. Who’s here after Andrew Tate plays it

  24. well the lethal move can be used in rooks thats how i win over ai bots and my freinds and

  25. Hi, I have a question
    Does asking weird questions or just making someone unfocused help with winning?

  26. I'm starting to think chess is a medieval war happening

  27. best tutorial out there by far very well explained

  28. There’s a saying I learnt to remember not to play knights to the edge- “A knight on the rim is a bit dim.”

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