How to play chess properly

An excellent round of chess here to demonstrate how the game should be played to it’s full potential.

NOTE: Not my video, it was sent to me via E-mail. I have no idea who made it, or if it is copyrighted or not? If you do own the copyright, and beleive this is infringement, please contact me and I will remove it.


  1. One time my rook was assassinated. I lost the game.

  2. I tried pissing on my monitor when playing a competitive FPS match, but it didn't do me any favors.

  3. I'm sorry but 1:23 "Kasparov is conglomerating his pawns into a mega chess-a-tron." is the coldest fucking line

  4. NeverGonnaGiveYouUpNeverGonnaLetYouDownGetRikroll says:

    Ohio chess

  5. i beat magnus carlsen playing this properly, thanks for the tips, cant wait to become world champion

  6. If you turn it up to 2x speed it becomes chess in ohio

  7. So… i what did i watch to get this 10 years old video as reccomended….

  8. Chess 2 looking good when is the release date?

  9. The KKK vs black people

  10. So after reviewing the footage I have made some shocking discoveries… Kasparov cheated! Let me explain, at 0:22 we can see that the pawn faints but if you look closely we can see that the rook is in front of the pawns later at 0:25 we see that he plays “vomit bag” to stop the bishop from vomiting on the board meaning he did 2 turns!!! Another example is at 1:37 when he plays “Oscar” making his queen be able to move twice in one turn but not on the turn the “Oscar” move is played, but the he makes his queen leave??? This is an odd play letting him place the queen later in the game anywhere but he doesn’t??? Shameful Kasparov shameful…

  11. I love how this starts out making fun of chess opening names and quickly descends into absurdity

  12. "And Kasparov is p i s s i n g all over the board!"

  13. so this is the ohio chess from 10 years ago

  14. I imagine chat gpt is good at this type of chess

  15. As an Ohio citizen I can tell you this is one of the ways we play chess

  16. Now I finally know to rules of Ohio chess. Can't wait to play it

  17. You know his is excellent chess vedio when the chess himself has commented

  18. So this is how Kasparov became the world champion back then.💀

  19. This is wrong.
    You build the chessatron, you add 18 more bishops, you reveal the Queen’s imitation, you place a piece on the E file and THEN you’re supposed to swing the club.

  20. I just realized how the players are both wearing clothes to match their piece color. nice

  21. What episode of BBC News clip happened

  22. how to play chess in ohio

  23. rules:

    this took 15 mins to think of

    if the rook is inverted the opponent may not move their pawns for 1 turn

    and the bishops go only one square for 4 turns (same for the rooks)

    if someone makes a unicorn the knight can move 1+ square it adds more each 5 moves

    (and no other pieces cant be unicorns)

    when a pawn is spies it cannot be attacked nor it can be attacked it blocks any nearby piece from moving UNLESS it moves (this pawn can also promote!)

    if any piece is gay they may be removed from the board flip a coin if heads the piece is removed

    the reformed church is a powerful piece that can move like 2 bishops for example:

    you move once and then you move again (like a bishop) they may leave the church if the opponent captures 1 bishop so the bishop may be held hostage

    christmas happens after 10 moves at this time you are availiable to move freely BUT cannot check OR capture (lasts 3 turns)

    to make an OMEGACHESSATRON you need to have 8 pawns on hand and also a knight while surviving 5 moves after this you may make an OMEGACHESSATRON an OMEGACHESSATRON is a piece that need to be captured 5 times to get removed,

    moves like a bishop, pawn and a knight, after capture your OMEGACHESSATRON is gone

    100 monopoly dollars for a hotel. this acts like the piece BUT can block horses

    imitation does nothing but get a reward

    (extra rules i made)

    pawns may promote to a king when 2 knights are unicorns and alive

    after promotion the 2 kings cannot go in check or checkmate UNTIL the other king is captured.

    pieces that are captured are put in jail. the pieces do nothing but watch in horror

    ballistic missles are made from a queen, 2 knights, 2 rooks and 2 bishops. this may be dropped to anywhere on the board it has a 5×5 explosion it may not take the king.

  24. 크리스마스의 기적 시발ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  25. My school has a chess Tournament and i wanted to get better but screw that this is more entertaining

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