How to play CHESS in Urdu/Hindi | Learn to Play CHESS | How to move CHESS pieces for beginners |

CHESS is a very interesting game. It is a mind making game. If you don’t know what is CHESS, what is the importance of CHESS, how to play CHESS and what is the history of CHESS than this video is very important for you because in this video i will tell you some amazing facts about CHESS , the importance of CHESS and its effects in human’s life. If you want to know “How to play CHESS ?, How to move CHESS pieces?” so watch this video properly and completely.

To Know the amazing facts about CHESS , the importance of CHESS and its effects in human’s life, click on this link:



  1. music aur uncha kar dey video phir bana lena

  2. بیکراونڈ پہ میوزیک بہت زیادہ انچا اور نہایت بے ہودہ ہے جس کے شور سے بندے کا دہان موضع سے ہٹ جاتا ہے۔

  3. Wow bht bht achy sy guide kya you are a good teacher.

  4. Pleasee ur.vedios upload karen m biginers hu muje bhot pasamd h ches

  5. Nice bhai very nice Allah ap ko kamiyabi da ameen

  6. Itni achi video banai example ke sath phir or video Q nai uplaod ki?

  7. O bhai king to khane bhi move kar leta hai wo bhi btao

  8. Interesting vedio vit daily lif examples😂

  9. Wow😍 ab advance level bhi sikhao..

  10. 786
    حیدر حیدر صفدر صفدر سکندر سکندر بہادر بہادر شاہ جہان محمد بادشاہ چن چن چراغ روشن خیال اقبال شاہین کاروں بہادر سکندر سکندر اعظم اشفاق پرویز آفتاب طارق راحیل شاہین سکندر

  11. آپ کی ویڈیو بجائے خود ایک کمال ہے۔

  12. Yar ap bhtt piyary se smjhaty han.💕

  13. Maza aa gya yaar kia funny tareeqy se samjhya ha 😂😂😂

  14. Why you stopped to make videos … Your work is amazing

  15. Zaberdast bai hazarom vedios h youtube p per.asa zaberdast kiisi n ni samjaya bhot alla

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