How to play chess in Pakistan urdu|hindi

How to play shatranj game in urdu| How to play chess for beginners in urdu|Hindi |#NAT | Tech

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Queries solved in this video:
1. How to play chess game?
2. What are the rules of chess game?
3. How to learn chess in 5 min?
4.Introduction of shatranj / chess game
5.Basic rules of shatranj / chess game
This video is only for beginners if you are unfamiliar with chess game then this is right video to start.
To lemitize the duration of video a quick demo is made if you do not understand any step then stop the video and repeat again and comment below in the comment section about any difficulty you feel.
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  1. help me 10k subscribe h.I.D love india says:

    thanks for information about chess

  2. Bhai ap kis city se ho?

  3. Multan city me koi tournament ka btao mujhey…

  4. 786
    حیدر حیدر صفدر صفدر سکندر سکندر بہادر بہادر سکندر سکندر حیدر حیدر سکندر سکندر اعظم بہادر سکندر سکندر حیدر مولا علی مولا حسن مولا حسین مولا پاک فوج فاطمہ عسکری فضائیہ قیادت علیہ السلام کی مدد پیر مولا علی علیہ السلام کی مدد

  5. Bhai jan apne board galat choose kia ha use aur confusion bharega naye logon ko

  6. Chess is a very good and stupid game every time is either draw or stalemate

  7. Bashap sirf usi boxes my move kr sakta hy jis color ka hga

  8. Inse Behtar India aur Hindustan wale hi samjhate hain ine Logon Ko Kuchh Nahin Aata Pakistani looser bahut hi difficult tarike se bataya hai

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