How to Play Chess in 1 Minute

In this video NM Sam Copeland breaks down how to play chess in less than 1 minute!

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  1. Knights don't move like a rook, they teleport🤣

  2. That's the best "here are the basic rules you Need to Play" explanation I have ever seen! Bravo, takes some skill to describe everything that concise! 🙂 only Thing I would add is that the en Passant rule only applys IMMEDIATELY in the next move, otherwise there's no longer a chance to Play it. Other than that, it was perfect and didn't miss anything! I will definitely Show this to my friends when asked for the general rules of the game! 👍

  3. Thats the weirdest way to describe how a knight moves and most likely just confuse a complete beginner.

  4. I just found out that white moves first 😭😭😭😭

  5. never knew that pawn moving 2 step could be captured like that.

  6. Cancelling my Diamond membership this is all I ever needed

  7. This is not complete though;
    1) En passant only possible if you do it immediately after the pawn advancing 2 fields
    2) Castles not possible if king is, walks over or ends up in check
    3) You always have to get your king out of check if possible and cannot move into check.
    4) Stalemate
    5) Draw by repetition
    6) 50 moves rule
    7) Rook, Bishop, Queen, Pawn cannot jump pieces. Knight can.
    … And I probably missed something. Chess is complex.

  8. Thank goodness, I have an upcoming chess competition exactly one minute from now and this guy just taught me a game I've never played before

  9. Includes en passant but not stalemate or knight jumping lol

  10. And I move like an idiot .

    Somehow I managed to miss 5 checkmate

  11. Here’s a 25 second Lesson On chess, 35 seconds less than this video: Knight moves in an L, 2 spaces forward and 1 space to the right, rook moves in a cross, Bishop in diagonals, queen is a combination of a rook and a Bishop, king is adjacent, and a pawn can move forward in 1 space but it can move 2 spaces forward at starting point, it captures diagonally by 1. En passant is a move by a pawn that it captures when an enemy fails to capture your piece and moves forward. Castle is switching places with your rook and king.

  12. I had no idea about the pawn capturing thing

  13. I am rated over 1950 in lichess and I’ve been playing for more than 2 years. Why the hell am I watching this ?? 😂😂😂

  14. Yo iMaGiNe if they make a movie about chess pieces, and every time the main character talks to the knight/horse he just answers: "L".

    "Uh, can you eat that bishop?"
    "Oh wait a minute, if you take the bishop, there's another knight so you will have to trade—"

  15. Castling shouldn’t be allowed

  16. Pretty new to chess here, when can we castle? I sometimes find myself unable to castle after like a dozen moves

  17. I prefer the L-shape definition for knight moves, since thats also the arrow drawing notation

  18. “How to play chess in one minute”

    play hyperbullet

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  20. Just Some Guy Who Tries to Spread Kindness says:

    Why can't you just say that the knight moves like the letter L?

  21. Yes finnaly I know hot to play chess I have a game of that in real life it's for 6 year but I m 6 year old and I m always finding to someone to teach me chess but everone don't know so now I finnaly know yay

  22. I always have thought if your queen dies then the game ends

  23. I'm here because my kindergarten and first grade school bus students challenged me to a game of chess and at 50 I have no idea how to play 😭 I think they were just rubbing it in 😂

  24. I thought the queen is the king and the king is the queen

  25. Too much info at a given time. My dumb cousin can’t keep up

  26. I love ur channal 😭❤
    I love that we can play chess on phone too

  27. imagine someone watches this and blunders their king

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