How to play chess? Full chess tutorial in Nepali.

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  1. Thank you sir.. Aaja Bata maile Pani chess khelna sikey..hajur ko video herera

  2. wtf jpt information kina spread garnu vako tha xaina vaney chessma white king black colorko square ma hunxa ani black king white square ma teivara queen ko placement pani wrong vako xa ani piece harko name pani jpt nepali bata sikara teitt

  3. Seto raja seto ma kalo raja kalo ma rakhidaina sir…😲 nepal ko dherai thau ma estai vaneko sune maile 🤔but mantri chai ho seto ma seto ra kalo ma kalo …😊

  4. Please correct the white king will be in black while the black king in white.

  5. white king black maa ra black king white maa rakhinchha sir.

  6. Kings go on e1 and e8
    And the queens on d1 and d8

  7. Amazing explanation
    P.S im here after Queens Gambit lmao

  8. learned perfectly.thank you sir.

  9. Wrong. White king is in black square and black king is in white square.

  10. Solti k ho k… King ra queen ko position ulto rakhdine Ani chess sikauchu bhanne

  11. Kalo raja setoma ra sero raja kaloma hunxa sir

  12. Hi, White queen should be on white square, and black queen on black square, And the kings will be on opposite coloured square that means White King on Black square and Black king on white square. also known as (the queens should be on the D file and the kings should be on E file. For your understanding, I would say that White will have king side castle(short castle) on the right side and Black will have king side castle(short castle) on left side.😊 Anyways it was a nice explanation but the rule I just said is one of the most Important rule of chess! ❤

  13. I’m at the beginning of the video and feel like I am going to be a pro at chess ♟

  14. Sir, If you do not even know that you are supposed to play 1 move not 2 in the beginning and you do not know where the king and the queen should be placed, how can you be saying that you are teaching chess. Please make a habit of doing research before posting anything in any social platform.

  15. LOVE YOU SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. चाल्न सिकाएको भए पनि मन्त्रीलाई सोझै लगेर सिपाहीले मारेको चाहिँ अलि सुहाएन है

  17. व्याकअप तयार गरेर खेल्न सिकाउनु ठिक होला

  18. The white queen stands on the white square & Black queen on the black square.

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