How to Play Chess – Explained in A Minute #shorts

Happy International Chess Day Everyone 🙂
On this Special day, Learn How to Play Chess in Just 1 Minute. Here’s a Short and Simple Tutorial for Beginners. In this chess lesson, you’ll learn all the basic rules of the game like how to setup the chessboard, how the pieces move, check, checkmate etc.
This is just a basic intro to get you started. For a detailed & complete tutorial, watch this video:
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  1. Happy International Chess Day Everyone ♟️
    This is just a basic intro to get you started. For a detailed & complete tutorial, watch this video:
    To start playing chess online, check this out:
    If you already know how to play chess, share this video with your friends so that they can also join you 🙂

  2. Happy 21st International Chess day

  3. I have been following you from 3yrs ❤

  4. Chess beginners = Opening tricks: Theory: Win

  5. Why u didnt tell about castlimg and en passant

  6. I wish I seen this video earlier
    Searched "How to Play" chess.. got videos by popular channels but none of those seemed as great as this short.. so I proceeded to watch your full vid and man I'm impressed very much
    YouTube doesn't rank your video, no problem bcz you got a Solution of using shorts to reach the audience (like me)
    Keep the good work up 👏👏

  7. already a chess player, but watched it completely just out of respect for chess and chess talks ✨❤️

  8. There is one more point on pawn capturing .. which is also called En Passant capture

  9. Wish you a happy chess day jeetendra sir

  10. You forgot to mention en passant and castling…

  11. Me: Has been playing chess for years

    Also me: Watches a video on how to play chess

  12. A very important rule, if the king can’t move without being captured and no other pieces can move, it will be a draw. Noone win!

  13. There is always an 'Indian guy on YT' you are the one for chess

  14. Sorry bro but i would prefer to watch videos in hindi chess guru

  15. If you don't know this you don't play chess in real life

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