How to Play Chess – Explained in A Minute #shorts

Happy International Chess Day Everyone 🙂
On this Special day, Learn How to Play Chess in Just 1 Minute. Here’s a Short and Simple Tutorial for Beginners. In this chess lesson, you’ll learn all the basic rules of the game like how to setup the chessboard, how the pieces move, check, checkmate etc.
This is just a basic intro to get you started. For a detailed & complete tutorial, watch this video:
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  1. After watching this
    Carlson, brace yourself I'm coming

  2. Sir , kitni chize update karne ko hai jaise magnus iss bar defend nahi karega and ya phir final match b hai if ….

  3. Bro can u buy and give me an chess board 😭😭

  4. Hi, you ve failed to explain the most unknown move of the pown.

  5. o Angrej sahab Hindi mein bola karo.ham chass khelte hen.har indian hindi jaanta he par par har indian english nhi jaanta.

  6. That, knight's move can also be explained as: 'one square diagonal and one square straight'

  7. 👆 what is this chess app name? Link

  8. Good afternoon, sir. I want to hear how to calculate in chess. I've seen grandmasters like Kasparov calculate 10-15 moves ahead. How do they do that with so many possibilities? I would request a video

  9. I used this video to win a debate on how the knight moves

  10. Two more information please Add First one is Enpass rule and Draw rules and steps Count

  11. Now to explain castling, stalemates, time, pins, skewers, forks, openings, and more…

  12. I wish I saw this before I started playing chess

  13. Why is there the option to get an rock or bishop when the queen is always a better option

  14. You forgot "En Passant" and how to "Castle"

  15. My sir told me that ladies love matching colour so queen should be on its colour square

  16. When en passant isn’t explained in a minute tutorial

    What a shame

  17. What about, 'the knight moves one square diagonal and then one square straight'

  18. i thougth its a clickbait bcz of one min but you explained it in a minute

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