How To Play CHESS: Board Setup, Rules & Gameplay

In this video I help you understand the rules of chess, all in under 7 minutes! For questions and video ideas, please post them in the comments section!

*The video does not include special rules like en passant and castling. I will make future videos regarding those, so please kindly consider the following!

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00:00 Intro
00:35 Board Setup
01:35 The Rook: Movement & Capture
02:00 The Bishop: Movement & Capture
02:15 The Queen: Movement & Capture
02:40 The Knight: Movement & Capture
03:00 The Pawn: Movement & Capture
03:55 The Pawn: Promotion
04:15 The King: Movement & Capture
04:25 The King: Check
05:05 The King: Checkmate
05:25 Draw by Stalemate
05:50 Draw by Insufficient Material
06:00 Draw by 50 Move Rules
06:14 Draw by Threefold Repetition
06:17 Draw by Agreement


  1. When you're 1300 and still watching this video

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