How to play Business game#Indian Business#Rules and regulations to play

How to play Business game#Indian Business#Rules and regulations to play

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  1. I bought the same for 179 in super market 🤓

  2. I want a vedio on business game of Indian only but with cash ones not coins 🥺plz give that vedio too

    If you have or will make give link in reply okay 👍

  3. I bought this game in local market for rs 150

  4. No you are wrong the player which have most cards at the end of the game is the winner not money

  5. What is difference between houses and hotel? They both requires same amount of money to build

  6. ऐसे कुछ वीडियो और भेजो

  7. If a player lands on community chest what should be do

  8. How much the player will get in starting

  9. Why the coins are kept what is the use of that coins

  10. Could you please teach me to how to share coins and how much will each player gets coins in this game

  11. Hi, I liked your video's, explained very well. Just wanted to ask what is the difference between Rent site only, Rent with 1 house, 2 house, 3house and Rent with hotel. Also on the bottom of the card it is written cost of house 5000 cost of hotel 5000.
    Can you please explain..

  12. Thank you I loved your video. It was very helpfull.

  13. I have buy these game . Very nice game and thanks for teaching me .

  14. What are conditions to construct a house in our property? When should we construct a house or a hotel

  15. What is the use of electricity and waterways in this game???

  16. Very cute explaination with clear examples, thank you❤

  17. Tumi business khaiha kutun ghetla hai 😊

  18. Thank you soo much, i have referred your video to all my friends..
    Very clear explanation.❤

  19. But if we build hotel so how much money we receive when other player come

  20. Your voice is so sweet!!!❤️
    Very well explained 👍🏻

  21. Such a cute voice and very nice explanation ❤❤
    Thank you so much ❤🎉

  22. Very cute voice and best explanation

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