How to play Atomic Chess

Learn the rules to the Chess variant: Atomic Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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The object of the game is to checkmate or blow up the enemy king. Whenever a piece is captured, a 3 by 3 “explosion” one the captured space occurs. This explosion removes all pieces in its range, except for pawns, including the capturing piece. If you blow up your opponent’s king you immediately win. The ability to blow up the enemy’s king is considered the same as blocking a check or capturing the attacking piece in regular chess. A player therefore, is allowed to escape what would be a checkmate in regular chess by blowing up the enemy king.

Because the piece performing a capture is also blown up, kings are not allowed to capture. This allows situations where unprotected pieces can deliver checkmate. You are not allowed to blow up both kings simultaneously. You are allowed to move your king into check so long as your king lands on a space next to your opponent’s king. Any situation that where 1 player’s king is forever next to their opponent’s king results in a draw.

Pawns can only be removed from the board when they are directly involved in a capture. In that case, both pieces are removed as well as any others caught in the blast. For en passant [on passon] the explosion happens around the space where the capturing pawn lands.


  1. I have become death, destroyer of worlds-my pawn about to blow up

  2. I am unexpect that my chess cannot blow up the enemies' pawn.

  3. castling in this variation is a big blunder because you move yourself to 3 bomb that can be detonate any sec

  4. If Oppenheimer created a variat of chess:

  5. Next up "How to play Chess but Little Timmy ate the queen"

  6. This is actually excellent, and I love this and it’s really good because it forces faster games so if you want to run house tournament with this the faster the game is the better because it means you can play with more people and you can get more rounds

  7. Ummmm… You mean Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Chess, right?

  8. Alternate title: nuke chess but pawns have radiation protection

  9. I'd kill for a chess variant that reflects the dynamic of Cold War, though I wonder what that would look like.

  10. I’m surprised at how many people didn’t know about this

  11. Can you blow up your own king accidentally

  12. Pawns don't die because they're like cockroaches, but nothing can survive the center of the explosion.

  13. I just had to click this because of the interesting name. Okay, so this is kind of interesting, like basically chess but every captured peice emits a 3×3 explosion, but the pawns are immune to being blown up. I would just change one thing. Since pawns are immune to explosion, kings should be too.

  14. What's where the ballistic missile is played

  15. It'll be cool if each piece has it's own unique "explosion" range

  16. Atomic chess how to play:
    America and ussr:
    Nuking intensifies

  17. get your "here before an hour" tickets here

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