How to play Amazon Chess

Learn the rules to Amazon Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes. During setup replace the queen with an Amazon. The Amazon has the combined movement of a queen and knight. The first player to checkmate their opponent, wins.


  1. The object of the game is to checkmate Jeff Bezos

  2. Amazon Chess: How to play
    During setup, change the kings to Jeff Bezos. First one to checkmate their opponent wins.

  3. The real objective of this game is to mate Jeff Bezos

  4. This chess variant shouldn't be confused with an e-commerce platform Amazon.

  5. Amazon is kinda OP since it can literally checkmate the king by itself, no help needed.

  6. I am disappointed how the actual queen in chess does not function like this

  7. It seems like I've already seen this before, but with movements of knight and bishop

  8. Amazon chess, the rule are the same as the regular chess except for these changes. For the refresher of the rules, check out this video.

    The objective of the game is to checkmate Jeff Bozo(Bezos).

  9. In my opinions, the Amazon is too overpowered. Amazon Chess is not about team-work anymore, it's just "u lOsE Ur aMaZoN, u lOsE ThE GaMe bRo".

  10. Rules are same as for Almost Chess, but the Chancellor additionally gains movement of bishop.

  11. The objective of the game is to checkmate the forest.

  12. Fun Fact: The amazon is the only fairy chess piece that can checkmate a king without any help from any other piece.

  13. Play this and move the queen like a knight as well.

  14. My life is totally changed because I've been earning $43k returns from my $9,500 investment with Clarissa

  15. This video helped me realize how powerful the knight can be. Thank you

  16. Whenever I attempt to play Amazon Chess, I end up stopping and I end up ordering something online instead. 🥷

  17. Interesting, two short videos in a row. I expect something huge in the near future 😀

  18. This video is blatant misinformation. The real Amazon Chess is asking Alexa to play chess with you.

  19. To win the game you must checkmate your self and then make out with your opponent

  20. So
    Your playing normal chess with knight moves on queens

  21. i thought in amazon chess u can buy pieces

  22. Amazon kind of breaks the balance of chess, removing the knight's ability to be the greatest natural counter to the queen.

  23. Kazmornd called the Amazon piece an "unholy behemoth"

  24. So the game is the same except the queen moves like every single piece on the board

  25. The object of the game is to travel to Brazil.

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