How to play 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel

Learn the rules to the 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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  1. once we got to the 5th dimension it got a little bit to complicated for me :/

  2. I am having a laugh attack right now! At just the 3 minute mark!

  3. “The pice will travel to that space with a fun animation.”

  4. I know it would create a game that lasts forever, but it'd be funny to add annoption where you need to checkmate EVERY king.

  5. as clear as this is, im still gonna need to rewatch this a few times

  6. I feel like you'd need a PhD in theoretical physics and/or quantum mechanics to be good at this form of chess

  7. man this chess stumps grandmasters theres just way to many possible moves

    the tactic i say the most was play normally till your losing them bombard the enemy with as many different timelines as possible

  8. This is pure torture for anybody that doesn't like chess

  9. So it’s essentially what the terminator movies are about… 😮

  10. There was no way this was an unironic decision to make this video. I am still in disbelief they even made this.

  11. "the rules are the same as in regular chess, except for these changes."
    "so you can time travel between different timelines"

  12. I defeated chess players my entire life. The root pattern all chess players have: Conflict Based Perspective = They're solution to problems is conflict. If you think from a proton perspective, it's simple to win. 5D abilities make it easier.

    Example: I want to be a mechanic. My father wants me to be a scholar.
    My father will try to out smart me into being a scholar with chess tactics.
    I'll just remain neutral, not fight and then, become a mechanic.
    I win.

    I want water. My enemy wants water.
    My enemy will try to use chess tactics.
    I'll pretend I want no water. Then, neutralize them.
    I win. I have water and a carcass as bait for luring animals to hunt.

    I don't play chess.

  13. Looks interesting, but technically this is only 4D :/

  14. Why is it called 5D? This seems like only 4 Dimensions to me…

  15. People in the Future be like:

    How to play: 7D Chess with Remaking Physics (and Reality)

  16. Thank you for the prognostications, I'll see you 10 days ago

  17. me with my 3 braincells trying to understand what he is saying:

  18. I think I’ll just stick to 5D Checkers with Multiverse Time Travel

  19. my brain hurts

    Have my money I need this

  20. game got psychological horror tag on steam 👍

  21. You simply don't play the game

    Because I already checkmated you 10 years ago in universe 7, 8 and 12 while checkmating you in universe 3 and 7 5 days in the future and universe 1 in the present.

  22. The easier way of thinking of piece movement is to try and think of each piece's movement patterns in terms of generalized dimensions. So a normal board is a 2 dimensional plane with length and width. And for example a Rook can move along only a single dimension at a time. It can only move straight up and down or left and right, but not both simultaneously. Thus when we add in the extra dimensions of time and parallel universes, then it can only move along those dimensions, while not moving along any other dimensions. Thus if a Rook moves through time, it cannot move through length or width or other universes at the same time. Thus we can label these dimensions as X and Y for a normal boardspace, T for time, and P for parallel universes.

    So going to the other pieces, a Bishop is a piece that must move in exactly two dimensions simultaneously. Again on a normal board this means it must move the same number of spaces in the X and Y directions. A diagonal move of one space is after all one space to the left or right and one space up and down. Thus in this format, this means that if a Bishop wants to move through Time or T, it must only move in X or Y, and no longer in both. Or if a Bishop wants to move in the T and P dimensions simultaneously, it can't move its X and Y coordinates at all.

    A Knight's movement is generalized as moving two spaces in one dimensions, and then one space in another dimension. These can be any two dimensions as long as they're two different ones. So if you move 2 spaces in time it must then move one space in X, Y, or P. etc.

    Queens and Kings are actually probably the easiest to understand. Normally a Queen is thought of as the combination of a Rook and a Bishop but in this game it is much much more powerful than that. Because the way the queen was generalized was by defining her movement as being able to move in any number of dimensions simultaneously. This means that a queen can move not only like a Rook and a Bishop, but they can also do things those pieces cannot do. For example a Queen could move in the X, Y, and T dimensions simultaneously, allowing her to move like a bishop while moving through time. She could even move through all four dimensions at the same time, moving through Time, Parallel universes, and still ended up on a different space than when she started. This makes your Queen extremely powerful and worth way way more than she is normally in standard chess.

    Kings are of course fairly simple. They operate like Queens but are limited to only moving 1 space at a time, they can just do it in any number of dimensions at once. This makes Kings pretty hard to nail down of course since they can dodge to different timelines and spaces at the same time even with their limited movespeed. But with how insane this game can get, it kinda makes sense that the King would need this kind of power to not just get checkmated instantly. Most games with people trying to play like normal at the start, will quickly devolve into a maze of parallel universes once the player getting put in check realizes that they can escape most situations by jumping through time and universes.

  23. I would love to see a couple grandmaster of chess play this

  24. I only have 1 wuestion
    What the fucc did the creator(s) of this game was smoking when he/she/they make this ?

  25. Thanks to this game, I now understand the terminator franchise

  26. Imagine in 500 years this becoming the most popular chess modality and people being impressed on how simpler regular chess is

  27. This is so cool because it gives a visual for how 5th dimensional thinking works

  28. I had been wondering about one single rule about this and it was explained on the last sentence of the video

  29. How complicated does a game have to be for the guide to say anything about the win condition only in the last 2 minutes

  30. caraca vazaram o jogo que o Bolsonaro tá jogando lá na Flórida!

  31. boutta play this against one of my friends while he's thinking its normal chess

  32. Now imagine each of the boards is Startrek 3D chess instead of a 2D board.

  33. Chess players just want to flex… and it works

  34. Ok but what each player could choose if they want to make the parallel timeline either above or below the baseline OR transition into "3D" and put the timeline "more shallow" or "deeper" beside the baseline? And even branch off from there? Would that count as 6D chess? Just remember that en passant across multiverses is not allowed.

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