How Many Pieces In Chess?

How many pieces in chess are there? How powerful are they? This intellectual game consists of 2 armies, 2 sides. We’ll tell you more about each fighting unit and their abilities. So that you have a better understanding of the board the next time you play.

Quantity And Quality

Quantity And Quality

In total, there are 32 pieces for both sides taking part in the action. Some players call them chessmen or material. Each has its own value. But it does not influence the results of the challenge. The ultimate goal is to checkmate the enemy. But value helps you see if the exchange is in your favor or not. As well as to determine which army is more powerful at the moment.

How Many Pieces In Chess?

Many Pieces In Chess

You’ll have 16 fighters on your team. We’ll list them below and share some interesting facts about them:


These are troop soldiers, you’ll have 8. They’re of the lowest rank, each costing 1 point. A pawn can go 2 squares on their first move, and only 1 further on. They can become any piece if you lead them to the opposing side of the board. As a rule, they attack 1 cell diagonally. But in rare cases, they change their pattern. Watch this short lesson about en passant capturing.


You’ll have 2 rooks in your army. Each is worth 5 points, which makes it the second strongest warrior in the field. They can proceed forward (horizontally or vertically) if the path is clear.


It’s a light piece valued at 3 points. You’ll have 2 of them, each jumping in any direction in an L-shape. It flies over other chessmen and kills if it lands on the enemy.


This is also a light material. You’ll get 3 points for each (2 in total). One is light-colored, and the other is dark-colored. Moving diagonally, they’re useful when arranging traps for your opponent.


The strongest soldier is worth 9 points. It’s heavy artillery, and there is only one. The maneuvering abilities are outstanding: it goes anywhere, horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally!


There is the monarch who can’t be killed, only checkmated. So, it doesn’t have value. It goes in any direction, but 1 cell per move.

Summing Up

How many pieces in chess will you see? 32 in total, and 16 in your army. Are you ready for other interesting facts about this game? Check out this video.