His Opponent is Famous for Losing this Game. You’ve earned this.

His Opponent is famous for losing this game. What happened in 1938 is as much exquisite as a secret masterpiece. Sit back and fathom the brilliance of this sharp style that is Alexander Alekhine.

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  1. It's so fun analysing chess games with you i get to learn a lot about chess, chess is a really beautiful game man I am convinced

  2. People who saw him made a brilliant move by mistake🤣

  3. I saw most of the moves played by black here (I didn't see the engine line where black could sacrifice some pieces on h2 to play Qh4+ and grab the undefended bishop Qxa4)Still, I wouldn't sacrifice my knight on c3 (even though I saw Rxd7 out of intuition) simply because I'm afraid of the traps that might be laying somewhere lolI'd play this type of move when I don't care whether to win or lose 😂 and that's something the young version of me would play 😅🥲

  4. 15:40 QH5 IS LITERALLY THE FIRST THING I SAW…. I saw qxe5, bxf6+, qxf6, e5…. Idk if that works

  5. Lol even GMs dont know what theyre doing in chess sometimes.

  6. I love your videos brother ' keep it up 🎉

  7. Alright fuck I don't like most chess pages. The big names really don't do it for me. I can't even enjoy watching hikaru cause he's just too quick for meBut you and Chess Vibes make high level play accessible for my 700 elo ass. So glad I found you both

  8. 'The Queen's Gambit is now refuted' I didn't know that, could you provide references or moves? as well as who proclaimed this and approximately when? and for which side, do you mean Black is not supposed to take the pawn if he wants equality, or White is not supposed to play 2.c4 My apologies for asking such a basic question, I have not played for decades, but I am skilled.

  9. Brilliant video. Your enthusiasm is great.

  10. 25:55 You meant 1937 when you said 1939. Incidentally, it is illegal to talk about your game during play, even if Najdorf said nothing at the time, Alexander should say nothing during the game.

  11. Because TCN is TERRIBLE at explaining and clarifying these things, let me help you:
    1) Alekhine's opponent is a Finnish player — Eero Einar Böök . (clarifying because he never names him explicitly; weirdly, calls him "BURKE" [..or something ?!..] several times in the video…)
    2) The game ended at 22:33, where Black RESIGNED after Alekhine's e5 move.
    Hope this helps you !! 🙂

  12. This game was fascinating and I especially appreciated the conversation at the end between Najdorf and Alekhine. It is reaffirming to me that the moves got so advanced that even these incredible grandmasters needed their intuition rather than solely there calculational skills to choose the best next move. Would Capablanca, Tal or Fisher have done the calculation to the end? What is your guess?

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