His Opponent is Famous for Losing this Game. You’ve earned this.

His Opponent is famous for losing this game. What happened in 1938 is as much exquisite as a secret masterpiece. Sit back and fathom the brilliance of this sharp style that is Alexander Alekhine.

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  1. I love your enthusiasm! You have such a good style, keep up the good work!

  2. Fun fact: The Opening he played is the Queen's Gambit: Alekhine System

  3. I honestly think that is the best video you have ever uploaded

  4. That queen sacrifice actually was sacrifice every single piece on the board exept the rook

  5. Once more an amazing game so well analyzed, thank you dude!

  6. Even more amazing game of Alekhine is when he played king's gambit and sacrificed his queen

  7. E5 is a resignable offence 😂😂😂

  8. Last time I won, MY opponent was split into 1,001 pieces!

  9. Isn't Alekhine also "acused" of consuming a lot of alcohol during the match he lost against Max Euwe which I could imagine led to the cockiness. Cool vid

  10. Love your videos..❤❤from malaysia..your way of narratetting is very humble and clear..😊

  11. Sacrificing on intuition takes incredible confidence, which Morphy, Alekhine, Tal & Kasparov fortunately had & which allowed them to produce so many beautiful brilliancies. Bravo for intuition!

  12. So fun! I love your stories while presenting to us the most beautiful games ever after 👏👏👏😀

  13. I like your content, but it would be better if you could sit back and talk, show us hand gestures and sooo.
    Change the board color and pieces, Use lichess's main board color.
    90% in the thumbnail is good but Add the mindblowing move in the game, that will attract more audience.
    And the video is tooo lengthy. Max 15-20 min, please refer other channels especially chess guru, agadmator.
    Any ways good luck.
    Hope you reach 1 million soon.

  14. Its AL EK HINE not alkeuhbesaaekasmkealk

  15. Alekhine is the type of guy to sacrifice his rook without calculating…

  16. Those Masters from the past invented the game but we just copy them. That's the truth.😢

  17. Your pronunciation of Max Euwe is pretty good! I’m really impressed, much love from the Netherlands! ❤

  18. Honestly far more enjoyably delivered vs any Levy + Agadmator analysis.. the anecdotes are beyond clutch. Super well done and hope for more! All the best Zach!

  19. Wow that 2400 also unlocked next level editing😊

  20. Amazing game and amazing presentation! Thank you

  21. Great work again!!This game of grandmaster analyse with all your chess knowledge is very appreciate.Small suggestion Analyse Kasparov games 1 by week just for help us to understand how much brillant was that great GM,fighting chess is my style of play but i think no one i know and i see many grand master games master so much this crucial part of the game!Thank you Zach!


  23. The ending to that story is so brutal! Love it

  24. I enjoyed this a lot I mean How did 26 minutes pass so quickly? 😳😭😭🤍
    Ty Zach for these videos 💗

  25. You are such fun to watch. Constantly amazed at your own narrative! Nothing sells like enthusiasm…

  26. I love the way you break down these games. I'm familiar with many of the names you mention because as a child I stumbled across a thin paperback by Harry Golombek, a somewhat lesser-known British champion from the same era as Alekhine. Golombek included many games in this book by the masters of his time. To hear these names again via your channel is a real blast from the past.

  27. i just love these famous chess games videos of yours. i wish to see moreee❤

  28. Guys , I’m serious
    The ending, after hearing what both legends said … gave me goosebumps ❤️

  29. An absolute pin by definition doesn't have to include a battering piece with it. All it requires is pinning a piece to the king.

  30. I want to become as passionate in chess as you Zach, but I started late in 16 so it is hard to juggle between irl responsibilities and chess training, hope you earn your success as a master and keep spreading the love for chess!❤

  31. I have been a fan of Alekhine since first encountering him in Great chess upsets by Samuel Reshevsky.

  32. Great video man!! Would love if u also put PGN of these games in the description.

  33. What the hell is with the book moves bro 💀 ☠ 💀

  34. Aljechin was alcohol addicted at the time he played Euwe in the first match. Before the second match he got rid of the bottle. There are stories he misbehaved like Gerard Depardieu….

  35. The first brilliant wasn’t actually a brilliant according to the engine.

  36. Jovan's World of Self-sufficiency & Self-reliance says:

    2:00 To refute a gambit, you must accept the gambit first.


  38. Any player who voluntarily went into complex postitions vs Alekhine was asking for trouble.

  39. Shalom an Hello: I like your narrative and your underrated channel ✌️😎👍👌

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