Hikaru Plays 5D Chess For The First Time

Hikaru tries to learn some 5D chess – watches a video then plays some.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Tutorial Video
8:07 First Puzzles
21:34 First Human Game

#gmhikaru #chess #5dchess


  1. legit, the tutorial should of shown post editing identifiers, if there was an arrow showing how each piece move through the dimension, that would help. the knight for example, an arrow going back two spaces in the past and one in an alternate dimension.

  2. "I think I understand" has no idea how the game works

  3. What Players see when playing 2D Chess: Normal Chess Board
    What ChatGPT sees when playing 2D Chess:

  4. 2D chess is bad enough, 3d chess is laggy, 4d chess is terrible and 5d chess.. we're damned

  5. the rules were never explained clearly or succinctly, so it is no wonder why hikaru has trouble understanding.

  6. Isn't it only 4D chess? You have the 2D game of chess plus time plus timelines. That's only 4D.

  7. Someone invented 5d chess to mess with Hikaru😂

  8. in an alternate timeline I mated Hikaru

  9. What kind of sick and twisted, demented individual would bring this type of game into the world?

  10. Its crazy how you can go to any point in this video and watch him say "I got this, I think I understand this, Im understanding it now" and then be baffled by something in the next 30 seconds.

  11. Jesus man u guys make it too complicated lol. Chess pieces over the board are 3d. Chess played on a screen is 2d. Done and done. Can it be any simpler?

  12. 3D chess: Why are you moving your queen 1 square at a time?
    You won't get it.

  13. Bro’s comprehension abilities were left on the past board lol

  14. I know it's called 5D chess but I only count 4 dimensions. 2 for the board (since classic Chess is a 2D game), forward/backward in time makes 3, and up/down in the worldline makes 4. What's #5?

  15. Take a shot everytime you hear I don't understand.

  16. As someone who actually knows how to play this i am FURIOUS at the tutorial guy not explaining that THE DIRECTIONS IN WHICH PIECES MOVE ACROSS TIME AND DIMENSIONS IS NOT THE SAME WAY THEY MOVE ACROSS THE SAME BOARD

  17. Genuinely the most confusing game ive ever seen

  18. so in taking a piece in the past this is reversal of causality, no? my brain does indeed hurt just watching this
    edit: okay looking more into it, seems like you have to take into account that rooks for instance can move linearly horizontally, vertically, and back in the past as long as it is in a straight line, so you can go back one move, or several moves in the past without moving positions on the board

  19. I love his not understanding. I think the problem is that the thing is calling it checkmate when you're actually capturing the king like it's a regular piece on the board. I think. I really don't know… WAIT! why did 2 kings just happen?!? I don't have 30 minutes to try to figure this out… I'm just commenting with minimal information.

  20. @GMHikaru
    In order to understand 5D chess, you gotta imagine all the boards standing on top of eachother.
    For example, the knight checkmated from that dark square because he went 1 square in the past (board below) and 2 up, creating the L shape and the checkmate

  21. It feels weird knowing that I'm so much better at this version of chess than a grandmaster

  22. *opens the rules, reads none of them "seems pretty straightforward. i dont understand"

  23. there should be a 3d chess where all pieces are confined within a cube and pieces move the same but can also travel up and down and dragging with right click rotates the cube

  24. Time travel can onky be done at their move, otherwise its like moving 2 peices without casting, also i cant be Ducked to watch to see if you figiure this out.

  25. The whole point is that the past is a direction pieces, why's he not in any way considering that for movement? Was he thinking of the boards as superpositions or something weird like that? Someone explain why he got so confused over the singular point.

  26. i love how how hikaru tried to use ceiling stockfish while playing 5d chess.

  27. That means ChatGPT is not dumb it is just too advance to play 5D chess that regular chess player like Levy can't interpret.

  28. The next Nolan's movie will be based on this video.

  29. This is a really interesting experiment to show how your training can get in the way when trying to learb something new

  30. this might be the largest show-off of ignorance

  31. PogChamps 3: 5D Chess edition
    "So here xQc was checkmated in 6 different dimensions"

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