Hikaru is so angry when Carlsen deliberately kept his king in the center to attack on Hikaru’s king

Hikaru is so angry when Carlsen deliberately kept his king in the center to attack on Hikaru’s king
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  1. what a waste of time watching this crap. Distracting transitions for no reason at all and then you cover up the grand finale with suggested videos. Brutal!

  2. I love Chess, been playing it from 4 year old, I might be exception if so disregard following. You guys sure destroy joy of watching game of Chess, talking about commentators. Only reason I make such a comment is if in case that I'm part of larger group, adjust to it you guys. Cause we do need more Chess promotionCheers

  3. Video was completely ruined by other video suggestions covering up Hikaru

  4. For tournaments big enough to have commentators, they should require players to dress up. Also, they should ban stray bed mattresses.🤣

  5. really dumb to allow the end of your video not to be seen as other things pop up..make the game visible

  6. At 10: 32 20 seconds before the end youtube overlays the video with images so noone can see the final moves or their faces, this is quite annoying.

  7. i don't believe your pop up blocked the last few sec:(

  8. Video ruined by whomever, edited it, titled it and did not watch the final copy. Fool.

  9. Let's put the video suggestions over the end of the game…

  10. I couldn't see Hikaru's full reaction due to 4 video prompts blocking the view at the end.

  11. Give this one a 👎
    This content creator has no very low ** …."Hikaru is so angry when" ? >it's when someone used their names/videos for nonsense.
    Stupid creator. Misleading the viewers. 👎
    It's better to cover it all from the beginning then maybe I can give a 👍🤣

  12. Magnus looks like he was spending 5% of his brain power and Hikaru was sweating.

  13. Why didn't Hikaru play rook f8, and play rook b8 instead?

  14. as soon as that indian woman starts, sound down.

  15. Why is running away like a sore loser acceptable in chess. Should be noble at least, he made a mistake

  16. FFS YouTube stop covering the last 30 secs of a video!!!

  17. Is this tournament for the green mattress in Hikaru's room ?

  18. They both are the boss until they have to face each other.
    Magnus and Hikaru in blitz adopt almost every player, but when they both play each other, it seems like they play under their level. That proves, they need a player that makes a lot of mistakes so they can demolish them, and they don't make such mistakes, so they both struggles

  19. Too bad the suggested videos covered up the apex of the video 😑

  20. Its always good to hear two Grandmasters discussing the game.

  21. I wish the announcers would shut the fk up.

  22. @Stockfish see pawn H5 subscriber move 2:28. That is a fishy fishy esq move IMO, is that your move in this position?

  23. In response: I respectfully suggest that Hikaru's abrupt departure was an acceptable, reasonable, clear and prudent form of resignation. These two champions are highly competitive, which necessarily means that they are emotionally invested in the game's outcome. Hikaru is a good sport, but is also self-critical, so he left the room before his natural facial expressions could be seen on camera and misunderstood. We all know that he was disgusted with himself because of some microscopic mistake that he made during the game, a mistake of which he is hyper-aware, but very few people on earth would be able to recognize as a mistake until after some retroactive analysis…. or without a computer engine. I respectfully suggest that his abrupt departure was an acceptable form of resignation.

  24. Your good analysis is worthless when you allow a silly ridiculous video AD to visually block the game ending.

  25. Bad, the punchline at the end is not shown.

  26. someone needs to immediately change this crap with suggested videos over the end games all the time

  27. Video editor! Get a clue!!! Stop with the end card links!!!!!!!

  28. wtf?! The placement of four videos at the end blocking the final scene?? Just stupid

  29. Four ad banners on screen at the end prevented a good visual of all the drama. Too bad.

  30. The rule that the king should castle fast is actually only valid in open positions. this here was a semi-open opening. so it is not that unusual that u dont castle in such a position or in a closed position.

  31. what are these guys talking about? are they bad club players. of course hikaru plays c5. this is no risk thats the move the position demands for. he attacks the queenside.

  32. Roses are red, violets are blue and Hikary is destroyed by Magnus.

  33. we cdnt see last 20 secs of the game , cos 4 next channel video banners covered it.

  34. How about adding a 15 second black screen at the end of the video so when the damn 4 youtube videos recommendations don't pop up and block the whole damn screen and we can actually see the end of the video and those recommendations appear when the black screen is at the end. is it too much to ask or think about? I mean you guys play chess so you have some intelligence there where you put your trucker hat. GEEEZ!!

  35. so lovely how all the video prompts pop up all over the board right at the end so you can't see a damn thing. nice planning

  36. I disliked because of video blocking at the end.
    Wonder how many dislikes this video has..

  37. Whoa! I hope he doesn't go rage on an innocent population. Angry chess players. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. I was looking forward to see Hikaru raging. Its the only part of the video i can relate too cause these guys are way better than I'll ever be.

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