He sacrifice the Rook | Chess tactics


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  1. Bro please this was not the position he played

  2. If takes queen c6 bishop blocks and queen takes mateIf Bishop blocks queen takes mateAnd if pawn blocks queen c6 thing happens

  3. pawn takes rook, queen to c6+, blocking with the bishop its forced and its mate after queen takes bishop.

  4. Pawn takes rook and queen c6 bishop blocks and queen takes bishop mate

  5. For those who are 5 elo:(it’s a forcing move)after pawn takes on a6 the Queen slides in on c6 and it’s mate

  6. Pawn on B7 has to take rook as king has no steps to move . Then queen to C6 mate BRILLINAT MOVE 😊

  7. After pawn takes the Rook on a6, Qc6# (checkmate)


  9. The arrows place is wrong queen will do check met if he take the rook by pawn

  10. Pawn is forced to take otherwise it would have been checkmate, the rook is then captured (since it is a forced move) then Qc6 is mate (might I add with a pawn)

  11. Only 3 outcomes(white wins in all 3)
    1. Pawn takes rook, queen c6 check, bishop is forced to d6, queen takes bishop checkmate
    2. Bishop d6, queen takes bishop checkmate
    3. Pawn to b6, queen c6, bishop is forced to d6, queen takes bishop checkmate.

  12. He threw his arms up like he was about to get a standing ovation 😂

  13. he forced tot take and if takes its mate

  14. For those who don't get it pawn is forced to take and since the pawn moved queen e6 is checkmate

    Edit: i meant c6 sorry

  15. Ra6,pawn takes A6 or b6 block,queen to C6,bishop d6 forced,queen d6 mate

  16. Очень красиво, рыбка из наживки превратилась в акулу😂

  17. Hahaha sacrificed rook after that kille
    C6 back need bis in D6 queen will take that and that is chear checkmate

  18. Levy: Do you know why im famous?

  19. 𝑺𝑼𝑹𝒀𝑨𝑵𝑺𝑯 𝑭𝑭 says:

    Bro this is brilliant move not great move
    Justice for him

  20. He is not sacrificed thats blunder and he said noobs of the garden following angela s houses and stop the post office baller

  21. how tf that's a great move. THAT'S A FCKING BRILLIANT MOVE

  22. Dude this is to obvious this deserve to be a best move not great or brilliant

  23. mate in 3, black pawn take or mate in 1. queen check. bishop block. queen take bishop mate.

  24. the board on the irl video doesn't match the top and it annoys me.

  25. If pawn takes rook on a6, queen to c6 is mate.
    If pawn blocks rook queen c6 is check, bishop d6, queen takes bishop.
    If bishop d6 queen takes is mate.

  26. he could just move the king beside the horse

  27. that shouldnt be good you litterally just killed your rook… he can simply take

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