He Gambits Everything 😁 – Forced Mate in 9 #chess #shorts

A Beautiful Forced Mating Sequence where white sacrifices all his pieces to trap the Black king & Checkmate him with just a pawn – Chess at its best!
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  1. "This is my moment,everybody should always have their moment"
    The pawn:

  2. He sacrifices the ROOOOK!!!! and the BISHARP!!!!! AND THE KNIGHT!!!! AND THE PAWN!!!! AND HE SACRIFECES THE QUEEN!!!!! AND THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!! pawn to e4 checkmate.

  3. please stop… this isn't a real game. It's just Puzzles that only AI solves SMH

  4. A real WINNER can mate you even with a Pawn. 😂

  5. levy be like : the Roooooookkkk!!😅😅😅😅

  6. Stupid move to sacrifice everything, instead of Bxc4, if he would have done Nxc4 in the last move, white would have lost the game

  7. Plot twist: Knight takes the c4 pawn💀💀

  8. Imagine the person saced everyone and decided to take the pawn at the end

  9. What if he would have captured the pawn with a knight instead of Bishop?

  10. This is once upon a time puplished in the newspaper it's puzzle 😂😂😂

  11. I'm now 25 years old …and I think I have to spend 25 more to mate like this or even more than that😂

  12. I think after this the opponent will retire.

  13. What if he captures that c4 pawn with Knight instead of Bishop 😂😂❤

  14. No one talking about how can a pawn move backward

  15. One day I also sacrificed all the pieces but then had to sacrifice my king also 😅

  16. Getting mated with a pawn is another level of disrespect

  17. I can't beat the middle level in Chess Club I don't know why I am so bad please help guys
    Its A 50:50 ratio between me and computer 😅😅😅😢😢

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