Google vs. ChatGPT: INSANE CHESS

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  1. I think my best move was with the sunset. The horse in H13 was not as useful as my favorite shoes after short castling. Great content Levy, especially for your toothbrush. Queen A2 check but not mate.

    Answer created automatically by ChatGPT 3.0

  2. We see, that it would take a few years before the robots could take over the world.😅

  3. ChatGpt be like: "and this is how I became a world chess champion. . " 🤣😂

  4. multi-dimensional moves were of their own kinds 😇

  5. Google vs Chat gpt❌
    When i play chess with my little sister ✔️

  6. Did anyone else think pawn to d6 would be knight en passant

  7. Nothing new to me. I've won many games declaring checkmate even without doing the opening move.

  8. i dont know how chat gpt identifies itself. Poor man is trying to keep emotions of 14 yr old girls in check

  9. I haven't laughed so much for a long time) I'm waiting for the second part – "chess from another dimension"😂

  10. Now, what about Claude-v1 vs GPT-4? Like, round two, more advanced in every way possible?

  11. Google is just a 1 Elo rated Bobby fisher. That can also bend time and space

  12. I play pawn to 1e to take there king and put there bishop in check

  13. I think we humans are just too dumb and the bots are actually playing chess in the 4th dimension

  14. Chess played perfectly always ends in a draw

  15. Bro his is chess in Ohio 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. This is my favorite game by far never seen anything coming

  17. It's not Google's fault ChatGPT was playing 3-dimensional chess

  18. never thought id laugh so hard at a game of chess. thanks for this video hahahahaha

  19. AI and I came up with this new game: PRESIDIUM


    King – Emperor
    Queen – Witch
    Archer – Mystic
    Knight – Cavalier
    Tower – Shield Bearer
    Pawn – Pawn


    1. The Sorceress may teleport 3 spaces in any direction instead of her normal turn. This represents her magical abilities.

    – After teleporting, the witch cannot teleport again for 2 rounds. This cooldown would offset her strong teleportation ability.

    – Using the teleport ability counts as the witch's movement that turn, so she cannot teleport and then move normally. She must choose between teleporting and moving.

    2. Mystic – In one turn, a mystic can disappear.
    – When the mystic disappears, he literally disappears from the board and is considered "off the board" for that turn. The opponent does not know where the mystic has gone.
    – On the next turn, the mystic may reappear on any adjacent empty space, effectively jumping to a new position. And then he can play again (reappearing does not count as a move).
    – This represents the mystic's mystical ability to disappear and reappear at a new location.

    Standard Turn 3: Move one space forward, backward, or diagonally. The cavalier cannot jump pieces during a standard move.

    Jump Move: Once per turn, in addition to the standard move, the Cavalier may jump one enemy piece horizontally or vertically and land on the empty square immediately behind that piece.

    4. Shield Bearers – may move horizontally or vertically as normal.

    – However, when a Shield Bearer acquires an enemy piece, it may immediately "fortify" its position. This allows the captured Fortress Guard to move an additional 1 space in any direction. ( The Extortionist cannot take more than 1 piece in 1 turn.

    5. – On their first turn, pawns may advance one or two squares.

    – In subsequent moves, pawns may move forward only one square.

    – Pawns capture enemy pieces on the diagonal by moving to an adjacent square that is occupied by an enemy piece on the diagonal.

    6. The emperor moves in the same way as a traditional king in chess.

    Additional rules:

    1. Capturing an opponent's piece now changes that piece to your side, which represents gaining that unit to your side. However, transformed pieces lose their new abilities.

    2. Pawns that reach the opponent's side of the board are promoted to the Royal Guard – which can move one space forward, backward, or sideways; they cannot move diagonally.

    – They are no longer limited to diagonal capture like regular pawns. They can now capture pieces on any adjacent square.

    – In addition, a pawn that reaches the opponent's side is promoted to Seer. In addition to the Royal Guard's abilities, Seers can reveal a hidden mystic 3 times per game.

    Additional Abilities:

    1. Arcane Ritual – Once per game, the Sorceress may perform a powerful ritual to gain one use of her teleportation ability.

    2. Royal Decree – The Emperor can issue a one-time Royal Decree that forces one opposing figure to retreat 2 spaces back. This represents the sorceress casting a confusion spell on her opponent. However, she can only do this once per game.

    4. Dimensional Realignment – Once per game, the Mystic may perform a "Dimensional Realignment" – swapping positions with any other friendly piece,. This represents a warping of space and reality.


    Each player has 4 tokens at the start of the game. However, each time an opponent's piece is captured, they gain 1 additional token.

    Use of Chips:

    – For 3 tokens, the Cavalier may skip two pieces instead of one.

    – For 3 tokens, the Shield Bearer can "fortify" his position by three squares instead of one.

    – For 16(!) tokens, the Emperor can declare an all-Royal draft = choose any piece on the board and place it on the board under his command.

    – For 3 counters, the Sorceress may summon a phantom pawn she controls to any empty square. The phantom pawn cannot take pieces, but can block spaces.

    – For 5 counters, the witch can teleport 5 spaces twice to anywhere she wants.

    – For 2 counters, the Mystic can disappear for 2 turns instead of 1, extending his unpredictable absence.

    – For 1 token, Seers can make a move one space diagonally in addition to their normal moves.

    – For 4 counters, pawns can turn into any piece except the Emperor and the Sorceress for one turn after transforming into a Seer.

  20. Has he been purposely calling the queen a knight for like 10 vids straight now? Or is that just a mistake?

  21. I didn't get it. Did GPT really move the pawn back?! Did they programme the engines to play by weird rules?

  22. ''google bard snapped back to reality, there goes gravity, takes F6''

  23. I want to walk to those just for a second who says that A.I. will conquer humanity and we will be their slaves.

  24. I was half expecting a side to spawn a new king when they get checkmated

  25. Did this really happen or hes just being funny? Because how are illegal moves allowed anyway, don't the game's inner codes stop illegal moves?

  26. What would happen if you gave ChatGPT an entire list filled with all of the chess rules, and then played chess?
    Would ChatGPT FINALY understand how to play chess?
    Or will it stay as dumb and illogical?
    Let's find out shall we?

  27. 10:06 i saw mate. Capture the pawn with the queen, black captures queen with theri queen, capture queen with bishop.

  28. Yes please post a rematch. This was hilarious

  29. I spat my drink out from that attempted checkmate

  30. when my friends that don't know how to play chess say they can play chess

  31. Why does this look like my average game of bughouse! 😂😂😂

  32. rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematch rematchrematch rematchv vv vrematchvv rematch v vvrematch rematchv rematch

  33. It was a draw they fought fair and square this is the greatest chess match I've ever seen in my life I'm so moved I'm crying 😭

    We want another one

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