GM Ben Finegold Explains Castling Rules During A Game

Ben starts to talk about castling at 4:43.

[09-18-2022] Clip from Sub Sunday with Ben!

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  1. Looking for analysis of recent Hans vs Carlsen game from Finegold πŸ‘€

  2. Rook matters, if there's a knight on b1 or b8 you can't castle long

  3. β€œNooo, never play f3!! What are you, two hundre- oh.” Lmao

  4. Too bad Victor Korchnoi didn't know that in his 1974 match against Anatoly Karpov. How can you be so high in rating and not know that an attacked rook doesn't disallow castling?? Well, in his book "Chess Is My Life" Korchnoi writes: "Out of the two and a half thousand games that I had played, there had never been an instance where it had been necessary for me to castle when my rook was attacked, and I was not sure that I understood correctly the rules of the game!".

  5. Castling? All I heard was some nonsense about rocks

  6. Serious question, not trying to be mean — how does one get a rating of 299? It seems like one has to be trying to lose at that point. I'm pretty sure playing random moves is stronger than that.

  7. Ben, your prodigy Hans has just mind flayed Magnus into resigning again. You must immediately respond to this egregious example of zoom based chess unsportsmanlike conduct.

  8. 299 is pretty high rated for one of Ben's opponents

  9. who cares about castling, i need to INHALE MORE DRAMAAAAAA

  10. Chess Purists demand the immediate release of all bead transmissions

  11. Malaclypse the Younger, Occult Superstar says:

    Why does it smell like a LITTER BOX in Racist Ben's house? Did Racist Ben's racist investors run out the ACC in Decatur?
    Perhaps if Racist Ben's investors pay $20,000 in REPARATIONS, Gandalf the Black may remove the curse he put on them.

  12. I can't believe a 200 rated player found bishop g5 that's preposterous. 1:45

  13. Malaclypse the Younger, Occult Superstar says:

    Creeps like OSWALD COBBLEPOT here, like the dirty evangelicals who invade a person's personal space using 'baptisms' which trick the psyche into reverting to a parent-child instinctual relationship in order that the parasite itself will be able to control and dominate its prey use subtle NLP tactics to parasitize their victims. Ben ( OSWALD COBBLEPOT ) and his investors did the same damn thing to the black community when they pulled the rug under the Atlanta Chess Center and stole its name.

    That's why ARCHANGEL ANNALIES ( ΧœΧ Χ‘Χ— ) is going to do the SAME THING TO BENNY that Mikhail Tal did to Bobby Fischer when he summoned a djinn he met through Rashid Nezhmetdinov to drive him COMPLETELY INSANE.

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