FIDE Laws Of Chess | Basic Rules of Playing Chess | Part 1

In this video, I talk about the FIDE Laws Of Chess – Basic Rules of Playing Chess. I cover and explain the topics in this video as per the Official FIDE Handbook. I will also talk about Tournament Rules/Competition Rules in the subsequent videos. This video is for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the Basic Rules Of Chess when they start playing this mind sport.

I have provided the link from where you can download the PDF File of the FIDE Laws Of Chess Official Handbook.

Alternatively, You can also download it from their Official Website from the link below:

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  1. Can the King castle with the rook position on another rank though the King is not move yet,say rook on 2nk rank and the King on its original position with no pieces in between,meaning the rook moves already.

  2. If you have no legal move with a piece or pawn you have touched, then you have to replace the piece or pawn and move your king. If the king has no legal moves, then no penalty can be inflicted – rule IX of the Laws of Chess, found in the Chess Player's Handbook (Howard Staunton).

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