Feynman :: Rules of Chess

Richard Feynman on the rational scientific method; increments and revolutions and castling.


  1. I wish all YouTube videos were like this. Jam packed of content. No waffle, straight to the point. Clear and concise

  2. The audio is in sync with the video! Yay!!! Absolutely a legend!

  3. physics seeks a simplicity.. it is anti theatrical… see brecht on this

  4. Bravo indeed! Plain words to explain deep things… A very great joy to hear Mr. Feynman talking physics!

  5. He had the passion of women but he wasn't a gigolo. First of all he loved life and in life Physics.

  6. this guy is the fucking greatest, not one of my teachers come close

  7. I was thinking the exact same thing 🙂

  8. The audio is in sync with the video! Yay

  9. Such a good explanation of the way science works in my opinion.

  10. There is a book that takes the mystery out of chess, it's call the Collier's Quick and Easy Guide to Chess, written in the 1950's. I'm serious. It teaches the simple Principles of Chess in an understandable manner. It teaches a style similar to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do, (the Way of the Stopping Fist). Take the initiativeea by thr and kept it.

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