Feminist ignores basic rules of chess #game #chess #feminism #modernwomen #facts #shorts #redpill


  1. I propose the rules for the game of chess be updated to reflect the modern Western world. The rules are the same as the old rules, with a single exception. Because the King and Queen share the throne equally, both must be captured to win the game. The rules for check remain the same. If the King is put in check, the check must be mitigated. The King cannot remain in check. The King becomes a liability in some circumstances because a King in check must be resolved. For example, a player cannot move other pieces unless it removes the check. If the King is placed in checkmate, the King is captured in the next move. The rules for check do not apply to the queen. This reflects today's reality. The King is feeble, weak, and occasionally a liability. The King's power is only realized if the Queen is captured. Points for each piece in modern Chess:Pawn = 1King = 2Knight = 3Bishope = 3Rook = 5Queen = 100

  2. Queens the most powerful the king is the most important realistically pawns are the most powerful with the ability to become any piece including the queen

  3. Valuable ≠ Important 😂
    Fucking dip shit ain't never played chess

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