English Opening TRAP | Chess Tricks to WIN Fast #Shorts

A Famous Trap in the English Opening to WIN Fast. This Chess Opening Trick was also played in a grandmaster game between Dmitry Andreikin (white pieces) & Sergey Karjakin (black pieces) in the World Blitz Championship 2010.
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  1. When a grand master sacrifices their queen just forfeit cuz you already lost

  2. It s "T" not "D" ..what are u people not getting

  3. Black: I would have blocked with the pawn instead of knight

  4. Mind blowing.. just wow, many strong moves chess a game of creative minds

  5. Bs. All he had to do is f7 to f6 and whole attack would have been over

  6. I wish I was good at Chess.. this all sounds like gibberish to me. I know how to play, but I don't know how to play with a strategy. I just move pieces and try and anticipate the opponent. I can beat easy and beginner levels of online Chess. When it comes to intermediate though.. I get smashed and it makes me not even wanna play anymore. I was born a competitor. So I absolutely hate to lose!

  7. Why f6 pawn is not play to save the Queen

  8. Why not defend the queen with black pawn instead of knight ๐Ÿค”

  9. Once your opponent trades his queen intentionally..,….just know you're DOOOMEEDD

  10. What if he blocs with pawn instead of knight

  11. Bewkuf nhi h samne wala.. Pone F6 bhi chl skta h queen ko target ke time..

  12. as a person with 1100 elo rating, i can confirm nobody tried to play the opening you just shown.

  13. I always use the opening of the highest level of AI i played with and it works before 10 moves. Hahahah

  14. When am I going to be this good?๐Ÿ˜ซ

  15. But what if the black pawn moves at f6 and stops the white sweetie to win ๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. and if the opponent knows how to think and puts a pawn on f 6

  17. If you are going against a grandmaster and he/she sarcifices the queen you lost

  18. U know those Tricks Arent gonna Work theres only a 15%chance that they use that plus If your queen dies You know you already lost the match

  19. why not defend iit with the pon.. so it has more supportfrom bishop and knight..

  20. That pawn that could block the bishop: bruh

  21. The best thing is that this trap doesn't need too many blunders

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