Elephant Trap🐘 I fell into a similar trap whilst streaming and I was not happy #chess #shorts


  1. More than the game I saw something else >>>>>>

  2. Who think that they never use elephant in game😂

  3. How can she move her bishop while queen of white is near her King. False video

  4. Why I didn't see the game but I saw this reel twice 😅

  5. Thanks camera person for showing a bit of chess between those huge , i am not gonna say

  6. The best trap which makes you watch the short😅

  7. Is NOBODY going to comment on the crappy chess being played?

  8. the man is gambitting the knight with compensation.

  9. I'm in trap with ur boob trap not eliphant trap

  10. Woww the two elephants are big .. what a trap

  11. Am I the only one who seriously watched the Game expecting her to do something with Elephant??😂

  12. What they are playing is just dumb like who the hell would use such lame moves it is evident that she only wants to use chess as a clickers attention and then just flaunt herself
    She is using chess to grab attention and then opponent plays dumb af moves thinking that her gambit of attention is successful

  13. As a person in the chess community, a woman cant distract me when playing/watching a chess match

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