Chess trap and tricks! All you need to know about chess. How to learn and win chess


  1. You're lying. I tried it, and it doesn't work!!

  2. Don’t worry, the queen just took a nap after pulling an all nighter yesterday

  3. Black: *giving his queen

    Stockfish: -10


  4. This is so bad it can't even try and be a joke lol

  5. Except on move 5, Nh1 is checkmate for black…

  6. I don’t get the queen avoid taking the bshop

  7. Lmao half the people in the comments don’t realize it’s a joke

  8. Is this a joke or what?
    I'm new and not gonna fall for this

  9. Black just kept missing all the forced mates lol

  10. Yes people it’s a joke obviously you can’t say bill cosby and slipping pills into drinks without being comical

  11. Why check with the Q while u can checkmate with the K. Oh, queen control.

  12. Nah…This only works against a human being capable to move but not to think

  13. Why the hell he would trap queen with his bishop

  14. I was about to say it could just take the bishop wtf this dood talking bout

  15. You do realise Black Knight H6 is a checkmate, right?

    I know it's a joke, and I def knew you wouldn't know:p anyways GET COCONUT MALLED

  16. Bruh the Queen can kill the Bishop and that's it

  17. why does nobody get that this is a joke, also would like to point out that black is probably still winning after losing that queen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Even 300 want fall to this . It’s not a trap black should play queen out in the at the moment you move you’re king out . It’s a loosing for black in any lines

  19. Its just stupid 😑😑 if you think as black

  20. I’m gonna try the Cosby, to be clear on a chess board 😂

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