Chess Rules : What is Check and Checkmate : How to Play Chess

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How to play Chess?
Learn what is check and checkmate in chess?
When the king is under threat of capture on the opponent’s next turn.
This is called a check.
A player must get out of check, either by placing a piece between the threatening piece and the king.
Or move the king to a square where the king is no longer in check.
We will explain What is the difference between check and checkmate in chess?
Learn how to release a check?
If you like to learn the complete rules of chess.
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  1. I always end up in stalemate, will try my luck now

  2. Cant the king kill the queen? And why ? Its very close to the king

  3. At 2 min 14 seconds why can’t the king kill the queen ?

  4. I kill the white king because I’m black and my son said what is a check and I forgot what was check

  5. How many checks can we do

  6. can the king be putting in chekmate bye its own player when removed a piece that it was protecting him?😳

  7. I just branded my foot with hot rocks on accident.

  8. I joined a chess competition in school
    It was since 2020 since i played chess

  9. I had a question, is there a number of checks and if they are all used up the game just ends in a draw? Like is there a specific number of checks or just unlimited checks?

  10. Thank you for watching me how to get a checkmate and check 😃

  11. I understand what cheak and cheak-mate are but I get confused when it comes to using them in a game. Anyone who's new at chess and gets me ? No,okay 👍

  12. this might be a stupid question but in example 2 cant the king capture b2 and then go the left one?

  13. why can't the king just take the queen, in the kind and queen example? Sorry for dumb questions

  14. can you do More things that we didnt know i know all of them and i am going in chess YK its my first day and im scared if i lose or do something bad that isnt the rules

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