Chess Opening Principles in Tamil|How to start a chess game properly

This video tells about
* How to start a chess game properly in Tamil
* Three Basic principles of Chess Opening
1. Center opening & Control the center
2. Develop your minor pieces ( Knight and Bishop) towards the center
3. King Castling ( Castle your king as early as possible)


  1. Thanks a Million Sir!😊🙏🏽 Your chess lessons are crystal clear with Right playback speed😊

  2. Sir super sir👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Sir ippo tournament nadakutha tamilnadu la.

  4. Sir neenga class yeadukuringahala?? Chennai la ?? May I know the details sir

  5. Sir… Chess la enaku oru doubt irukku. En passant panni king ah check la irunthu save pannalama..?

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