Chess in a Nutshell

Want to know how to play chess? From the basics of Chess, to the tactics and rules, as well as the recent Twitch Pogchamps Tournament and, we explore the game that is chess. Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 square grid.

don’t take this seriously.



outro song by Jachael123.



  1. I describe the queen as the rooks and bishops baby

  2. I think he said 5 moves not for pewds but for dat 69

  3. Literally the first ever game I played after this video I beat a guy from India in 4 moves

  4. wtf I always called the knight horsey before I get to know what it's called

  5. technically the position in the thumbnail is already a win for white because there is no king.

  6. Can we just acknowledge the fact that he moves the black pieces first? (3:45)

  7. Meanwhile me at 23:00 wow..I just win some Indian gay after 10 mate strikes

  8. magnum carlos got sum demons to look out for😈😈😈

  9. If we go back to the thumbnail of this video, and change the player who has all those queens to Martin, THE KING WOULD FUCKING WIN

  10. "And in this position he sacrificed the CASTLE BASTARD"

  11. As a norwegian, i can confirm thats how you say Magnum Carlos

  12. I never would have thought a 6 minute video about chess would be so interesting

  13. 0:28 well, that number is a bit deceiving. There are a lot of moves that a person is just very unlikely to take. In fact, most possible moves. Throughout the game but at the beginning especially, there are specific types of moves and techniques and names for what you're trying to do. There are stupidly large numbers of ways the board could end up if the moves were random, but a good chess player never plays a random move.

  14. Thumbnail: *No king*
    Mean while Queens: "Sir, we have no commander"

  15. Amagine losing to an Indian person

  16. Why is it always when the new year starts at school everybody plays chess

  17. I just realized in the thumbnail black loses because black doesn’t have a king left

  18. "I don't think I have ever beaten a single opponent from India."

    Literally the second game on the list shows a win against someone from India 😛

  19. gli scacchi … un gioco millenario … perchè? questo nessuno se lo chiede … come mai io mi ritrovo una giornata, a giocare a scacchi? perchè so farlo … bene, ma poi? perchè l'ho fatto … perchè? online, di persona … perchè … la persona che ho davanti, è là per caso? si eh …

  20. the windows error message got me good 🤣🤣🤣

  21. what about that teenager who absoloutely wrecked magnum revolver carlos whoever he was

  22. Chess, the only game that let you kill the queen with a horse

  23. "The bishop will come steaming from the other side of the board the second you stop paying attention" is the most accurate description of the bishop I've heard.

  24. The thumbnail looks like a music video

  25. bro you can beat me, im indian, but i MIGHT beat you

  26. Chess lobby has that of a great power and influence that has forced this channel to ad that disclaimer at the beginning which is unseen in the others. So beware of them!

  27. There‘s a gambit literally called „the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit“. You sacrifice your bishop and knight for your queen to come sweeping down from its starting position to take the (now unproteced) enemy queen

  28. Me, an Indian, who only learnt chess moves after watching this video: haha Joesppi you must be weak lol

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