Chess game rules and regulations in telugu part3 by SRINU PET CREATIONS, Rules of chess game in telu


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Explain chess game rules in telugu,how to play chess game, explain of legal and illegal play in chessgame,what is the pawn promotion in chess game, explain of clock in chess game, what is the walkout in chess game, explain of the steal mate in chess game, explain of check mate in chess game,explain 50 moves in chess game,explain of the draw game in chess, etc………..

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  1. చాలా బాగా చెప్పారు

  2. Check mate 15 ము50 ము నా చెప్పాలి sri

  3. babu uncle asalu game yala adali ani adigithe nv pedha pedha rules chepthav enti babhai

  4. Fourth part not there 😕😕😕

  5. Soldiers powersni champacha queen kuda champacha

  6. King ki check lo unna minister ni kill cheyyocha single step gap lo

  7. King ki cheque cheppatam and draw ki sambandinchina explanation kavali Guru…

  8. Ee video lo climax kasta detailed ga chepte inka bagundedi anipistondi…

  9. King ni …king tho kottocha anna…

  10. Sir your good explanation but meeru fast ga chepputhunnaru

  11. Enni times check petthe opposite king dead avatadu

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