Chess Game Arrangement

Chess Game Arrangement

The chess game arrangement is the basic skill any player should learn. Without this knowledge, beginners can’t set up the board on their own. Which means they are not able to practice and improve their understanding of the challenge. Read the following article to fill up the blanks.

Predetermined Positions

Predetermined Positions

The board has 64 cells colored black and white. Each piece has an appointed place on it at the beginning of the match. At least this rule applies in classical chess. If we take a variation, it may be different. For example, Chess960 was invented by Bobby Fischer. The position of material here is randomized. That makes the challenge more unpredictable. But let’s better focus on the fundamental knowledge first.

Chess Game Arrangement

Chess Arrangement

Let’s consider a traditional setup for a white side. The rules for Black are identical, so you can just mirror it on the other part of the board:

– Pawns. They occupy the second rank, standing in a row and forming a shield

– Rooks. Put them in the corners of the first rank (a1 and h1)

– Knights. Place them next to rooks on cells b1 and g1

– Bishops. These soldiers take squares c1 and f1

– Queen. This strong piece stands in the middle on d1

– King. The monarch is always close to its queen, so it gets e1

Practice More To Memorize

How can one learn the chess game arrangement by heart? So that one doesn’t have to look up this info before each match? First of all, you should remember that the setup is the same. This alone makes it easier to memorize.

Secondly, focus on soldiers whose position is easy. We doubt you have any problems with pawns. Then go to the corners to place rooks. And then proceed to the middle one by one, until you nail down the king and queen. Chess clubs in Mesa, AZ – membership for all ages.

We’ve found a short video that shows the arrangement once again. Watch it carefully: it’ll help you remember the setup. As well as learn interesting facts about the board.