Checkmate Your Opponent With This Trick #Shorts

We’re back with another short chess lesson! In this video you’ll learn the
Blackburne Shilling Trap which can be used to checkmate your opponent if they’re not careful. It’s always good to have chess tricks up your sleeve!

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  1. but you can take with the bishop then take with the queen after queen takes back…

  2. bishop kills horse queen takes bishop queen takes queen there not check mate

  3. Some would prefer to take the Knight than the pawn

  4. Okay but what If my opponent doesn't play any of the usual moves because he has 102 elo

  5. white isn't greedy instead he's over 800+ rating get's the knight instead of the pawn 🗿

  6. Bro when the knight is there bishop can take the Knight like what????

  7. How to counter this with white? Just happened to me yesterday

  8. But… ChatGPT told me to go rook takes king?

  9. Omgggg checkmate😱😱😱😱 wait a min…….. are you infront of my bishop😐 bye dumbass horseeeeee😏

  10. 90% they just take the knight if they do that just develop your other pieces and defend

  11. I checkmated my mom like this, without the quuen tho. My mom is a complete veey beginner. She calls the knight a horse

  12. Me look at the one different price and looking at the prices that look exactly like mine and one of those pieces is like the one who does look like the rest 😳

  13. You can’t be professional be those videos I’ll give you evidence

    What if the white bishop take the pawn and check to the king and the king need to move ??

  14. I just hate it when I have a plan to win in my head and the other person doesn’t follow that plan🙄so rude

  15. Hold on that’s not checkmate that’s castling 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. So your telling me this would work every time 😂

  17. I think this is called the Blackburn Shilling Gambit right?

  18. bishop kill knight and not checkmate

  19. But white can just get blacks knight instead of pawn ? And they get more value

  20. Bro it’s not CheckMate He has a bishop targeting the Knight

  21. you HAVE to know this!
    heres the moves it starts with!

  22. Not true the bishop kills the knight the queen kills the bishop and then it's your turn

  23. My question is why would someone move the horse to undefined there pawn

  24. I think this video was viewed twice from my account

  25. I’m waiting for 200 Eli players to ask why he didn’t take with bishop

  26. Opponent – plays other moves
    Me – that wasnt in the skript bro

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