Brilliant Queen sacrifice | Chess tactics


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  1. First commend again ha i love your video PIN PLS

  2. I thought forking the queen took and king but I guess that’s why I’m less then 700 elo

  3. Levy: what is this what is this
    Me: it's just destruction

  4. Can’t you move ur knight to f6 the checkmate is unprotected on b7

  5. Can’t you move ur knight to f6 the checkmate is unprotected on b7

  6. Brillante un buen sacrificio

  7. But he also can move knight to c 5 or d 6 and whatever black do it is checkmate with Quin on b7

  8. My dumbass would just go Nd6 discovered check winning the queen 💀

  9. Dang I do not think of this kind of stuff. In this position I would have taken the bishop with my knight threatening the queen to get the knight out of the way for the bishop to see b7 for the queen to mate.

  10. Gereksiz bir feda. Atı filin önünden çektiği anda mat zaten garanti.

  11. Me: Why the brilliant !! is big
    People: "Editor needs a raise"

  12. I though that he take the bisjop and discover check and win back the queen 😂😂😂

  13. And what if you take the bishop and then take the Queen???

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