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  1. now bishops are becoming gigachads as well 🗿

  2. Let him take your bishop and play another move after queen takes knight to c7 checkmate

  3. The queen only option is to take bec she can t go anyer els

  4. For those who didn't understood..
    As queen takes bishop then knight c7 will be beautiful royal fork

  5. Doesn’t b4 do the same thing but also threaten mate? Isn’t that better? Idk I’m not stockfish but why not b4, cuz if queen takes knight fork is mate.

  6. Before bishop e3 what was the move of the black .. the thousand dollars question is where it was come to C5

  7. Hardly brilliant. The opponent just let you trap their queen

  8. This is edited video this mqtch not played by carlsen and Nakamura

  9. D6 is the safest position for black Queen.

  10. its brilliant cuz instead of saving bishop, white traps a queen and if queen takes bishop, then white do fork on c7

  11. well u could also do queen d4 if black takes with queen as trade, you ignore that and proceed to checkmate black with knight c7 and a beautiful ending fork 🙂


  13. the Queen can take the Bishop next to het

  14. For those who dont get it if he takes bishop,its a royal fork

  15. Queen is trapped. If queen takes bishop, you fork. Any other move, take queen

  16. queen is trapped
    best thing black can do is just take the dark squared bishop cuz queen is gonna die anyway

  17. The black is forced to trade his queen for a bishop and perhaps a knight

  18. Jamás nadie podrá hacerle ese tipo de celadas al Campeón Mundial

  19. Black just moved 2 pawns and the queen while white moved many more pieces this is simply fake and not even a bit brilliant

  20. Ini yg suka sama Hikaru aslinya gkda tuh…. Banyak di edit kek gini Hikaru menang padahal magnus hikarus gkda papanya

  21. Lol opponent is 5 elo moving queen around for fun in early game now she trap btw not brilliant move opponent just need to quit chess

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