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  1. knight c7 royal fork if black takes bishop

  2. Edited 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. this is why i dont play the wayward queen attack 😩

  4. At my level, I would just trade into the fork and trade the 9 for 3 and keep playing. I guess for black, not being able to castle after the nasty fork and queen loss is a losing game at this level.

  5. What happens if the bishop stays on g5, the black queen eats the bishop on b5, and the knight c7?

    Is it checkmate?

  6. Isnt this checkmate too?

  7. Hayır hamle ünlem bile değil mat var Vd4

  8. Its easy to Trap a Queen when white Plays 20 moves and black Plays only 5 moves xD whats this board black didnt move any piece

  9. It kill the queen and fork when take the bishop

  10. you could just do a waiting move like casting, then after queen takes on b5, knight c7 checkmate, bc the bishops covers the only 2 squares the king could go to

  11. May be,This is not carlsen… Because first scene nakamura white colour t shirt but last scene nakamura black colour t shirt….so first scene and last scene does not match😅😅😅

  12. 🗿☕ một nước đi chả có ý nghĩa gì

  13. Guys, Here are the notations.
    BE3,QxB5,NxC7,KE7 or KD8,NxC5, Opponent Resigns. (Forced)

  14. If it takes the bishop then C7 of night will be a fork to king and queen

  15. I don't understand how you have so many pieces out and he only got a queen

  16. Why he didnt cut off the bishop 🤨 the queen would be escape ?

  17. why do I keep getting chess things on my fyp when I don't get chess

  18. But why did hikaru win?? I mean magnus could have still played.. Right?
    Or am i just dumb? 😅😅

  19. Что… можно же просто убить офицера слева…

  20. If queen takes bishop then knight to c7 is fork

  21. But if we don't move our black bishop and after then queen takes white bishop knight to c7 is a checkmate…….

  22. The Queen can still take Bishop(B5).. Maybe I’m missing something but he’s not completely trapped

  23. White: Don't dare take my brother or my horsey will royale forky you know?

  24. “For those who don’t understand….” This is NOTHING to do with Magnus, it’s a beginner trap overlayed with an unrelated video of Magnus resigning an unrelated game!!

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