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Watch and enjoy a thrilling game in which the Blackmar Gambit scores a quick win as easily as Thanos Snap.

The game begins with Pawn to d4
Knight to f6
Knight to c3
Pawn to d5
Pawn to e4
Which leads to Blackmar Deimer Gambit
Pawn to e4. Black accepts the gambit.
Pawn to f3. White offers another pawn.
Pawn to f3. Black captures another pawn.
Queen to f3. Instead of capturing the black pawn on f3 with the Knight which is the mainline of Blackmar Deimer Gambit, white captures it with Queen which leads to Blackmar Ryder Gambit.
Queen to d4. Thinking that they are getting a free pawn and ends up opening the d file which is in fact is a mistake.
Bishop to e3. Threatening the black queen.
Queen to g4. Probably looking to exchange queens.
White castles on the Queen Side, and the rook is free to use the d file.
Queen to f3, Black exchanges the queen in the hope that it will ruin white’s game plan.
Knight to f3. Capturing the black queen.
Pawn to e6 to free up the black bishop.
Bishop to d3, connecting the rooks.
Pawn to b6, probably thinking of moving bishop to b7.
Knight to e4, the goal is to capture the black knight and weaken the black’s queenside.
Bishop to e7 to defend the knight and probably castle on the queenside.
Knight to f6 capturing the black knight.
Bishop to f6 capturing the white knight.
Bishop to g5, looking to exchange bishop and create pressure on f7 pawn.
Bishop to g5, capturing the white bishop.
Knight to g5, capturing the black bishop.
Bishop to b7, probably trying to target the white rook.
Rook to f1, targeting the f7 pawn.
Bishop to g2, capturing the white pawn, which is a blunder.
Rook to f7, capturing the black pawn on f7.
Pawn to h6, threatening the white knight.
Bishop to g6, the white knight is sacrificed.
Pawn to g5, capturing the white knight.
Rook to c7, capturing the pawn and delivering a discovered check by bishop.
Black Resigns because the only move left for the black king is f8.
After that rook to d8 is checkmate. So the game is over.
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