Are There Gender Differences in Chess? #chess

Are there any actual genetic differences between men and women in chess?

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  1. We also need to take competition into account. Women aren’t able to play men in many tournament settings. Without constant higher level competition it can result in lower ceiling growth. I think what should happen is having a spread of people that play the same competition level.

  2. There’s actually significant debate about the expressions of aggression among men and women. For one, they take on different domains, for men it is physical and for women it’s usually social but there is much debate as to which is more likely or more frequent for each gender … Jordan Peterson, and many others, have covered that topic; it’s fairly interesting and you might be surprised by some of the studies’ findings.

  3. From my life experience women are more aggressive while men are more likely to go to the extremes when it comes to aggression. The whole bottle it up till it explodes phenomenon

  4. Watching women’s tournaments, they have far more attacking games than top men’s tournaments it seems

  5. Don’t quote me on this bc I don’t know whether this is true or not, but intellectually men and women are both equal however men do tend to be more competitive so they are more likely to get ahead bc of it

  6. In general, men's distribution curves tend to be flatter, so you get more individuals at the extremes. For intelligence, you end up with more men who are very smart or very stupid, as opposed to a higher concentration of women in the middle. For the 5mil vs 5mil contest, I'd expect a single randomly selected game to be 50/50 (or if everyone plays a single game against one random opponent, similar results overall), but I would also expect an outlier man to win a tournament slightly more than half the time.

  7. women are smarter not wasting their time on chess

  8. The hypothetical scenario where all other things are equalized presupposes current social structures are not at least somewhat a result of biological gender differences. This would be a very difficult point to argue. The truth is determining biological advantage is a bit like locating an electron in its orbital around an atom: you’re always missing some information.

  9. Does being less aggressive in most life situations mean that you would be less aggressive in chess? I’m not convinced the answer is yes. It’s possible that chess is an outlet to express aggression for someone who’s less aggressive outside of chess. This is how I play. I’m generally risk averse and less aggressive in life, but in chess I behave the opposite way because I’m not afraid of the outcomes. Whereas in life, aggression may result in awkward situations or physical harm that I want to avoid. Chess is sort of a safe space to express aggression.

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