Advanced Rules Omegachess Game

Introducing the Fool – adds an extra dimension to what already is one of the most balanced and playable variants around.


  1. The Fool enters the game in one of two ways:
    1. When any one piece makes its first move, the Fool may optionally appear on the starting space of that piece.
    2. When any one piece captures an enemy piece (even if that is not its first move), the Fool may optionally appear on the space the former piece was on immediately before making the capture.

    Though the Fool is an optional piece, it MUST appear during the first 20 moves of the game.

  2. Miss some rule here The castle with Queen the N rule( 3*2) the move fool from a corner to corner

  3. I'd like to know how the advanced rules knight is evaluated in terms of piece values. What about the foul? It looks like a powerful piece!

  4. I am attempting to setup this on Steams Tabletop Simulator – Watch this space

  5. Where are you playing this at? Is there a website?

  6. is there a way to play this online, or at least some kind of virtual board I can use for correspondence?

  7. Those moons scare me Jesus they're god damn Knight's on steroids

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